The 7 Essential Values

Young Living’s success in recent years spans every department. What drives that success, and how can we sustain it? Excellent business planning and quality products help us immensely, but our upward movement begins with believing in and committing to our 7 Essential Values. Freshen up on these key tools and see how they can build a positive company culture and drive further success!

1. Focus on the member first.

Provide a world-class member experience at every touch point; Steve Jobs said it best, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards …”[1]. As we focus on the needs of our members—caring, listening, and making them feel appreciated—success will inevitably follow. When every employee’s mindset is focused on the customer, it’s easier to stay on the same page.

2. Embrace Young Living’s products and lifestyle.

We know how amazing our products are, so why not use them? When we’re passionate about the products, that same passion shines through in our work. Try a product that’s new to you and share what you’re enjoying with your coworkers and friends!

3. Have a positive attitude.

Focus on the positive, treat others with respect, and build harmony. Walking into a workplace full of smiling employees makes work enjoyable and productive! With positivity, we can approach tasks as opportunities that can help the company grow, instead of viewing them with frustration. We can create an exciting company culture when we foster happy attitudes.

4. Exhibit personal integrity.

Always be honest. Young Living prides itself on strict compliance policies that keep us honest and transparent. Acquiring these characteristics can help us continue to progress the company. Not only will this build our members’ trust in us, but it will also help build a cohesive and transparent workplace.

5. Welcome change.

Be innovators, never accept the status quo, and strive for excellence. In a recent interview with Lauren Walker, Chief Supply Chain Officer, she recounted the following: “I told Gary, ‘Our supply chain is built for a $1 billion company,’ and he read between the lines. If we want to be a $2 billion or a $5 billion company, we will have to do some things radically differently…” Let’s follow Gary’s example and embrace change as it carries us to bigger and better things!

6. Exercise good judgement.

Spend wisely and conserve corporate resources. In addition, be sure to use good judgement in your projects and when working with other teams. The more thought you put into your work and into your collaboration with other departments, the more unified we’ll be!

7. Communicate effectively.

Listen first, then clearly communicate. Effective communication impacts our success and brings us closer as a company. No one likes working on projects when the information isn’t clearly communicated. When we communicate better, we can work on projects seamlessly, create a harmonious environment, andensure that our members are receiving the correct information.