Outback Botanical Reserve—Darwin, Australia

Australia’s Northern Territory outback sets the stunning backdrop for this location’s Australian cypress pine trees. Drawing on ethnobotanical use in the aboriginal pharmacopeia, the founder of the Outback Botanical Reserve actually stumbled upon a new, now patented method of distillation that resulted in our unique Blue Cypress essential oil. This oil’s many benefits are still being researched to this day.
oils from this farm
Blue Cypress essential oil

Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery—KUNUNURRA, AUSTRALIA

While this farm is headquartered in Perth, the sandalwood plantations extend across Australia’s tropical northern outback. The Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery developed its own seed orchards, which allows for continual improvement of the seed stock. This location uses a remarkable approach to producing and cultivating sandalwood trees with the industry’s highest quality, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.
The Ord River Sandalwood Farm and Distillery implements an array of innovative, award-winning methodologies while cultivating its valuable sandalwood trees. Its innovative water recycling program, commitment to renewable energy, and diligent replanting efforts ensure a supply of Sacred Sandalwood essential oil well into the future.