Rattan Sticks

Gently diffuse your favourite scents of the season throughout your home with our unscented rattan diffuser sticks! Simple to use, start by removing the lid and dropper from your favourite bottle of essential oil. Then, all you do is take a few of the unscented rattan sticks and stand them in the bottle for 3–5 minutes—just long enough for the sticks to absorb some of the essential oil. Repeat the process for the other sticks and leave to dry for an hour.

Here are a few ways to add all-natural fragrance to your home with our rattan diffuser sticks:

Add the sticks throughout a decorative wreath or Christmas tree at the height of the festive season for a welcoming aroma.

Stand the sticks in the lid of the Tree Scent Sticks jar— specially-designed as a holder—or leave in the beautiful etched glass jar with the lid removed.

Use the sticks in wardrobes and drawers to gently fragrance your family’s clothes and bedding the natural way.

Contains 20 unscented rattan sticks in a branded Young Living glass container.

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