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Enjoy Young Living in all aspects of your life! Sit back, press pause and enjoy some me-time with your favourite essentials. Surprise someone special with a feel good gift or treat yourself to our extensive range of best-selling products. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on your journey to happiness and good health!


Start fresh with our New Beginnings Kit! Self-isolation, lockdown and uncertainty may be your new normal. Stay productive and empower yourself with our trio of must-have essential oil blends, made to revive and re-energise your senses! Create your own haven at home, clearing your mind and cleansing your soul, manifesting purpose, gratitude and abundance. This is your chance to step boldly into your authentic self, embracing the magic of new beginnings!
Please note that due to high order volumes, expected order processing and/or shipping will be delayed or will take longer than usual.
Journey On Essential Oil - 5 ml
Release Essential Oil - 5 ml
Transformation Essential Oil - 15 ml
Inner peace
Find inner peace with Journey On 5 ml, made by D. Gary Young to invite new beginnings! Dilute and dab onto your chest (or your heart chakra), inviting more love, resilience and self-compassion. Featuring Frankincense, said to be one of the most spiritual essential oils.
Let go
Let your worries melt away as you add a few drops of Release 5 ml onto your neckline during meditation. Capturing harmonising Blue Tansy, Rose and Ocotea, supporting balance and grounding.
Empower yourself, going from fear to love, with Transformation 15 ml. Boost confidence and clarity by rubbing a drop onto the palms of your hands and breathing in the bright Peppermint, Lemon and Cardamom. Dilute if needed.

Terms and Conditions: New Beginnings Kit

Available for One-Time and ER Monthly orders only. The New Beginnings Kit and associated offers are available for Young Living Europe members from May 4, 2020 while promotional stocks last. Please quote the allocated code (#33482) as shown in this email to access this promotion. Due to high order volumes, expected order processing and/or shipping may take longer than usual. The New Beginnings Kit is not available to purchase or redeem