Three Simple Steps to Fab Feet

59 April 20, 2015 - Aromatherapy, At Home, DIY, Essential Oils, How to Use Essential Oils, Kids Care, Mind & Spirit, Skin care, Young Living Lifestyle

The weather is warming up, and it’s almost time to trade in your snow boots for sandals. Get your feet smooth and summer-ready with three simple steps. It’s easy to add these steps to your weekly routine so your feet can stay fab from April through August!

Step One: Exfoliate

A sugar scrub will gently slough off old skin cells to reveal your soft and smooth feet. This DIY essential oil-infused scrub smells great and will transform your feet.

Sugar Scrub

In a small bowl, mix V-6 oil with essential oils. Add mixture to raw sugar in a larger bowl and combine thoroughly. Store in an airtight jar.

When applying in the bath, you may want to use a pumice stone to speed up the exfoliation process; however, avoid scrubbing your calluses raw or removing them altogether.

          HINT: Use about a tablespoon for each foot. Be careful: The scrub can make your shower slippery!


Step Two: Cuticle Care

After a shower or bath, gently push your cuticles back in preparation for a DIY cuticle treatment. You can use a pedicure tool or a towel.

Cuticle Push Back - Young LivingCuticle Treatment


Fill an empty 15-ml bottle about halfway with V-6. Add 20 drops of Tea Tree oil, and then continue to add more V-6 until the bottle is full. To use, add 1 drop to your cuticles and rub in until absorbed.

          HINT: Use an AromaGlide Roller Fitment on the top of your 15-ml bottle to make application of this treatment quick and easy.


Step Three: MoisturizeFoot Lotion - Young Living

Young Living offers fantastic moisturizers, including Genesis, Lavender, Sensation Hand & Body Lotion, and KidScents® lotions. If you do not have a favorite, purchase a couple of options in your next order and start finding your new favorite.

          HINT: Before going to bed, generously massage your favorite Young Living lotion all over your feet and legs, and then put on a pair of moisturizing socks.


Whether you make this DIY pedicure a part of your spring cleaning routine or decide to do it every day, these three simple steps are sure to keep your feet happy and ready for the sunshine!


Do you have your own pedicure routine? Tell us about it in the comments!

  • Liv

    What is used with oil essentials for foot moisturizer (i.e., coconut oil or ?) What is the recommended amount to use with the oil?

    • Young Living

      Hello Liv, We recommend moisturizing with lotion. We recommend trying out a few of the ones mentioned in the post to see which will become your favorite. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I use Rose Ointment for my moisturizer on my feet during the summer because they need more tender loving care at that time! I love this! Thank you!

  • Wendy

    love the cuticle treatment!!

  • Jenny D

    I think so many combinations work… Really just pick your favorites or what mood strikes you. My favorite combo is ylang ylang, lemon and lavender as it smells like my favorite place, Hawaii and really helps relax me before bed.

  • Dora Hofer

    The only thing that works for my dry cracked feet is I soak my feet in a small tub of hot water, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and Epsom salt or Himalayan and a few drops of lavender, peppermint or frankincense… works wonders… and then I use young living lotion

  • Cathy

    I massage a couple drops of lemongrass with coconut oil into my legs followed by a drop or two of another essential oil, peppermint when I want the fleshing feeling, lavender for relaxation. My foot massage of coconut oil and lavender, frankincense or lemon on my heels has turned my rough dry callouses into sandal ready. Love what the essential oils have done!!

    • Lianne

      Cathy, as a beginner oiler, how much would you use to make this recipe?

  • I admit, I am horrible about taking care of my feet! I should try some of these tips. I like that you can make the treatmets from things you have at home. 🙂

  • Great tips! Can’t wait to try these, especially that sugar scrub!

  • I have runner’s feet so this is really good information

  • debbie

    Since we are talking about feet, is there anyone who knows what to use on ingrown toenails?

    • They really have to be cut out. As we grow older, the nails fold/curve inward. The only solution is to keep them trimmed away from the sides of the nails, which can help avoid surgery (killing the root of the nail on the side(s)) in that long run. I am a nail technician.

  • Melinda

    Thanks for the tip. Heels and cuticles are always a challenge at my house.

  • fran

    NigXia Red the best of the best for my health for the last year since I started drinking 1 ounce twice daily.

  • Bonnie

    Hey–thanks for the wonderful tips and great ideas to pamper ourselves and to use in practical ways
    everyday. I use Purification and Thieves on my dogs, just a few drops in my hands and rub together and pet my dogs to keep off pests when they’re out. Great ideas!

  • Pat

    I use the Animal Scents Ointment also – hands and feet upon retiring for the evening. It is so amazing how your skin will look and feel in the morning 🙂

  • This is a great blog! Thank you. Will share.

  • Kristen

    For step 3, I used Animal Scents Ointment. It’s the best!

    • Sue

      I agree!! Best ever for feet!

    • I agree with Kristen, Animal Scents Ointment works great for this.

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