Your soda cans are crushed, your water bottles are reusable, and your bank statements are paperless. You’ve even found dozens of creative ways to reuse empty essential oil bottles. You deserve the highest of fives for zeroing in on ways to help us achieve our 5×5 Pledge goal of zero waste in five years!

As stewards of the earth, it’s our duty to responsibly and sustainably manage our impact. The three Rs—reduce, reuse, recycle—continue to be a hot topic, but how much do you really know about this trio? Here are a few facts that might surprise you.

Why is recycling important anyway?

Throwing plastic water bottles in the recycling bin feels way better than tossing them in the garbage can, but there’s so much more we should do. As the world’s population grows, waste grows with it. The average person living in western Europe or North America consumes 220 pounds of plastic every year.

Let’s put that into perspective with a little math:

  • 1 pound of plastic = approximately 50 empty water bottles
  • 220 pounds of plastic × 50 water bottles per pound = 1,100 bottles

Want to drink real smart water? Use a reusable water bottle.

Plastic is a real problem, but recycling goes beyond bottles and BPA-free containers. Recycling conserves water and energy when compared to manufacturing new materials—as much as a 95 percent reduction of water use for some materials! Recycling also preserves resources and reduces landfills, protecting our current communities as well as future generations.

YL gear water bottle

What you can do

  • Join Young Living. Help us reach our 5×5 Pledge goal of five years to zero waste.
  • Start with baby steps. Small changes every day add up to a big difference. You can make a difference no mat