September 15 marks the beginning of a very important celebration in the United States…Hispanic Heritage Month! And for us Hispanics who live in this country, it is a very important date as we celebrate and honor the contributions and influences Hispanics have made in this great nation.

If you live in the United States, you will realize the great influence that we have on American culture: food, music, art, entertainment, etc. And how could we not? Hispanic culture is full of life, colors, joy, and a lot of passion. And we can see it in every area of our life.

That’s why, as the US Latino team we want to seize this great opportunity to highlight the Hispanic talent in Young Living. Join our marketing campaign starting today, September 15 and ending October 15 and meet some Hispanic employees who work at YL. This campaign will be available on all our digital platforms. Every day throughout the month we will be sharing the story of a Hispanic employee. Don’t miss it!

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce our team. Maybe you already know some of them, but there are several faces that will be new to you. We are excited to introduce them to you. Please know that the entire team works hard to bring Young Living to your hands.

Meet the team!

Cheryl Baker Senior Sales Manager

Cheryl Baker

Senior Sales Manager

Samantha Blumrosen Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Blumrosen

Marketing Coordinator

Abril Castro Graphic Designer

Abril Castro

Graphic Designer

Sara Chavez Diamond Support

Sara Chavez

Diamond Support

Angela Chozo Marketing Manager

Angela Chozo

Marketing Manager

Frank Espitia Sales Manager

Frank Espitia

Sales Manager

Fernanda Flores Graphic Designer

Fernanda Flores

Graphic Designer

Silvia Garcia Marketing Coordinator

Silvia Garcia

Marketing Coordinator

Pamela Ibañez Sales Specialist

Pamela Ibañez

Sales Specialist

Melisa Larios Translator

Melisa Larios


Karen Luna Project Manager

Karen Luna

Project Manager

Martin Moreno U.S. Latino Vice president

Martin Moreno

U.S. Latino Vice president

Christian Pinilla Sales Manager

Christian Pinilla

Sales Manager

On behalf of the entire team at Young Living U.S. Latino… Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

What identifies you as Hispanic?

Let us know in the comments and tell us where you’re from!