Living by Design: an Interview with Melissa Poepping

13 June 23, 2015 - Business Building Tips, Distributor Spotlight, Empowerment, Personal Development, Young Living Leaders

Melissa Poepping is a Young Living Crown Diamond who lives on a busy little hobby farm in central Minnesota with her husband and three children. They have been using essential oils since 1998 and began using oils in their everyday lives in 2005 after welcoming their first child to the family. Essential oils have found the way into every aspect of their daily lives and into every corner of their home.


Melissa recently hosted her annual Spirit of Wellness Event in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where more than 600 members were in attendance and raised $31,000 for the D. Gary Young Foundation. After witnessing the enormous impact Melissa has on those around her, we wanted to spend a few minutes with her to learn more about her journey with Young Living.


Melissa Poepping - Young Living Crown Diamond

“I believe our circumstances in life do not determine our success. Anyone can live their life by design.”


How did essential oils make an impact on you and your career?

I was working 70–75 hours a week as a mortgage broker for 10 years in an intense, high-stress environment. I took the work and the stress home with me every day, and it started taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. A friend introduced me to essential oils, and I began to implement them into my daily life. After the birth of my first child in 2005, I realized I couldn’t leave her and go back to work. I became acutely aware of everything in our home and sought out ways to create the best possible environment for her. As I began to use more Young Living oils and products in my home, I felt an emotional connection. I realized I could provide income for my family while doing something I loved and believed in.


What was the greatest challenge you faced as you started your business?

My own fears were my greatest obstacle. For the first few years after my daughter’s birth, I tried a variety of work-at-home jobs. In the summer of 2010, I took a leap of faith and decided to give Young Living 100 percent of my time and eliminated everything else. I had to step out in faith and face my fears. As soon as I let go and trusted, my whole way of thinking changed. When my focus was solely on making money, I struggled and found myself stuck. So I began imagining myself having financial freedom and asking myself, “How would a Diamond do this?” That’s when everything began to change.


Where many would find defeat in challenge, I found opportunity. It’s nothing short of breathtaking what happens when you begin to realize and achieve new visions, new goals, and new dreams by believing in your highest potential. In November 2014, four short years after I focused completely on Young Living, I reached Crown Diamond. I found that I have the ability to create my own future, and circumstances do not define me. I eagerly share my story with others and take great joy in seeing them achieve their goals.


What has being part of Young Living done for your family?

Being part of Young Living allows my husband, Wayne, and I to raise our three children, be present in every moment, and live life as a family free of many common worries. I have the opportunity to educate others and share my journey with them, with the flexibility to do it without missing out on my children’s lives. This is an opportunity I never would have had in my prior career, and I am grateful every day to be there for my family. I can also empower other moms to do the same for their families, which motivates and recharges me. I thrive on motivating women to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals and still be able to play a vital role in their families.


With all that you have already accomplished, what keeps you motivated to achieve more?

What I believe in is simple: I believe that at the core of each and every one of us is the desire to accomplish great things, the dream to achieve more than we thought possible, and the determination to leave this world better than the day we found it. I believe that we have a responsibility to impact generations to come and an obligation to show others how to duplicate our foundation. I believe that this is how you leave a legacy.


Thank you for your time and inspiration, Melissa!


What part of Melissa’s story inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

  • Ashley Michalak

    The idea that she already had so much stress from prior jobs and took a leap of faith and chose to go all out for Young Living was God telling her this is it especially to choose to give 100% and never chose 100% for her other careers. Amazing story, I would love to watch a video of her story and what all she does and how she goes about getting others interested in YL?

    • Paula

      Have you checked out twelve days of diamonds on Facebook, 50 YL diamonds gave their best advice. It’s online permanently

  • I’d love to know more about Melissa’s Leader EO Protocol. Sounds inspiring!

  • Margot Lynch

    Most inspiring part: that she said she quit her job and jumped into building a business from scratch. It’s risky to quit a job when you don’t have a steady paycheck coming in. I am new to every aspect of YL as a customer, distributor, and leader. I’m taking a risk in a different way because I am not familiar with the oils and their characteristics but I’m jumping into building a business. I believe most of sharing and selling is knowing the product and just giving the facts. I don’t know the products yet. I’m curious if other successful people have started from zero like me.

    • Margot, I am new also, starting as a Distributor. I am learning as I go and have fallen in love with these oils. I have set a goal and I am gonna give it all I have because I truly believe in this Company and all the testimonials. I have a dear friend that introduced me to Young Living and it is so much a part of her life. Think positive and strive for your dreams!

  • What most inspired me of her story is that she took that leap of faith, even though she was fearful, and she can now live her life by design, enjoying spending a lot of time with her young kids and with her husband. That is just so awesome!

  • LaDonna

    Melissa, you have been such an inspiration to me. Reading your answers to these questions and listening to your weekly calls as I have gone through Operation Silver Bootcamp, has given me the courage and the tools to implement what was taught. I look forward to meeting you someday. Maybe at Dallas!

  • Pam

    I would love to connect to Melissas Training Calls. Please forward any information thanks

  • Jeannette

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I watched your youtube video, Travel101. Would the sleep formula you mentioned be as effective if they were mixed in a 5ml bottle with a roller top for travel?

  • You can find many of Melissa’s calls on the site or FB page!

  • Helene Kiskis

    Encouraging and inspiring. Thank you

  • Pamela Vogelsang

    Melissa has great energy when she speaks and it comes through in print also. You need to let go of “old” thinking and move forward to a new way of life. Step out in FAITH, and achieve your goals and still have time for family and friends.

  • Cheryl Steinman

    The above commenter stated that Melissa would share her training calls with anyone in Young Living, is there a way to get connected to these? I appreciate her stating she decided to go 100% and put her fears behind her!

  • Raquel

    Love this story. It hit home with me. Would like to listen to the calls. How do we access them.

  • Nicole B

    Great interview! How would one sign up for the training calls Naomi mentioned in her comment?

  • The part where she said: “When my focus was solely on making money, I struggled and found myself stuck. So I began imagining myself having financial freedom and asking myself, “How would a Diamond do this?” That’s when everything began to change.”
    That was what I needed right there!

  • Naomi

    I have benefited immensely from Melissa’s inspiring training calls that she so generously shares with anyone in Young Living. It was her training that gave me the confidence and the motivation to push through challenges and pursue something completely new and exciting. So I’m a pretty huge fan and hope to meet Melissa and thank her in person one day!

    • Naomi, how do I find Melissa’s training calls and join them?

    • Suzanne

      Yes, how does one listen to Melissa’s inspiring training calls? I went to and it appears you need a password.

      • Robin Henderson

        This interview fired me up! I am almost ready to quit my day job and I just began this journey in April, 2015! I also would like to know how to access the training calls, please.

      • Young Living

        Hi Suzanne – you’ll find them here:

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