Want to know the secret to creating unique, personalized scents? Follow our guide to create diffuser blends and experiment with your favorite essential oils!

How to start creating your own diffuser blends?

Become a diffuser blend master by covering the basics with these frequently asked questions:

How many drops of essential oil should I put in my diffuser?

In YL diffusers, our recommendations range from 5-25 drops per blend, so adjust to your diffuser’s instructions.

If you like subtler scents, ease up on the number of drops. If the instructions call for 6-8 essential oil drops, start with 5 and work your way to stronger scents.

How many different oils can I use?

Bottle of Young Living Basil Essential Oil

Bottle of Young Living Basil Essential Oil

The possibilities are endless! There are so many scent combinations waiting to be discovered. If you find a blend you like that is 1 drop each of 10 oils, go for it! We usually stick to 3-5 oils per blend, but what matters most is your personal preference.

Can I use any of my essential oils in my diffuser?

Though most oils are ideal for aromatic use, we recommend following the instructions on the label of your essential oil bottle before you fill your surroundings with sensational scents.

Creating custom diffuser blends

New to diffusing? Start with an oil that has an aroma you already love. Obsessed with Lavender oil? Diffuse it on its own to enjoy the sweet floral scent, and then use it as the framework for creating new combos.

Now it’s time to get creative!

1. Start with tried and true combos

Choose essential oils you use frequently, like a group of citruses or florals. Go with classic pairings like these:

You’ll learn quickly which scents you prefer, so you can start experimenting with more variations.

2. Experiment your recipes

After you’ve found your perfect pair, pick a third oil to add.

Bypass the trial-and-error phase so you don’t waste any of your precious essential oils by doing the smell test before diffusing. Choose some oils you think would be great together, remove the lids, hold them in one hand, and waft them beneath your nose to get a sense of what they smell like together.

To find the right ratios, bring one oil closer to your nose and move others farther back. The one that’s closest will be the oil with the most drops in your diffuser blend. The ones farther away will require fewer drops in the mix.

If you like the combination, get diffusing! If it’s not quite right, switch out one or more of the oils until you find the perfect blend.

3. YL Tip: Balancing scents 

Some essential oils have stronger scents than others—BasilBlack Pepper, and Cinnamon Bark have powerful aromas. Keep scents like these from overpowering your blend by adding just a drop or two.