Get to Know Young Living’s Newest (and Youngest) Royal Crown Diamond

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Adam Green - Young Living Essential Oils Royal Crown DiamondCanada-based Adam Green is a record breaker. Adam recently achieved Young Living’s highest and most honored rank—Royal Crown Diamond—and, at just 25, is the youngest member in Young Living’s 20-year history to achieve this status. He’s part of a 30,000 member-strong organization called “The Green Team.” This NingXia Red® daily-doser said he owes a lot to Young Living, including paying off his house and meeting his wife, Vanessa, at a Young Living event.


We talked with Adam about his favorite products and usage tips, how he sparks conversations about Young Living, the best part of his job, and his advice to aspiring Royal Crown Diamonds.


YL: What got you involved with Young Living?

Adam: My mother has been a Young Living member since 2000, and I’ve been using the products ever since. She was my sponsor when I became a member myself. In late 2011, I quit my job as a personal trainer to focus more on building my Young Living business. At the time of the 2012 International Grand Convention, I’d been a slow-moving Silver for three years, but then a presentation by Bob Proctor put a fire in my belly. I told everyone that I wouldn’t be coming back until I wasn’t a Silver anymore. I collected neck lanyards for Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Crown Diamond and took them back to home. I wrote specific dates on goal cards for each rank and hung the lanyards up on my wall to remind me constantly of my goals. I returned to the convention the next year as a Diamond, advancing three ranks in 11 months!


YL: What do you think helped you rise in rank so quickly?

Adam: It was a combination of changing my mindset and becoming self-motivated. Successfully achieving this rank is completely a team effort—it would be impossible otherwise. Because of that, it’s about what everyone can do together. It’s how we can duplicate leadership. For one, our team shifted to more home gatherings for intro events, as opposed to hotel events, and we grew exponentially. I am proud of my team that has grown with me.


Adam Green Team - Young Living

YL: What’s next now that you’re a Royal Crown Diamond?

Adam: My focus will still be on empowering leaders and the team as much as possible. I’ll keep leading by example and work to provide a great example for the team to follow. The speed of the leader sets the pace for the team!


YL: What’s the best part of what you do?

Adam: I enjoy having the freedom to control my own life and my schedule. The best part is that my success isn’t just about me—it’s based on helping others achieve and become successful. The only way you can succeed and earn with Young Living is to help other people with their physical and financial health.


Adam Green - Young Living Royal Crown Diamond

YL: What are your biggest learning takeaways since joining Young Living?

Adam: I’ve learned that it’s important to keep things simple and to not be the expert at the front of the room at introduction events.  I sought out top leaders in our profession; there is so much value in finding people who have achieved what you want to achieve and modelling them. Duplication is the foundation for success in our business.


YL: Which products are your favorites?

Adam: I love NingXia Red and NingXia Nitro™ and drink them daily. I think one reason why I’ve been so healthy is because I’ve used supplements my entire life. A few of my favorites are OmegaGize³™, Sulfurzyme®, and Super B™. Deep Relief™ is my personal favorite. I’ve used it many times to introduce people to Young Living. I hoard Valor®, too. It smells so good! I’ve spent a lot of time speaking in public, and it has been a big help.


YL: Any tried-and-true usage tips you’d like to share?

Adam: I use Thieves® Household Cleaner for all my cleaning. It’s the most versatile household product and the only cleaner we use. I use oils no matter where I go, since wearing them helps generate curiosity and conversations with people. I even put Abundance™ on my checks, and bank tellers ask me about the smell. We’re lucky that our business is an aromatic company, while other companies offer products that don’t spark conversations so easily.


YL: What’s your best business advice for aspiring Royal Crown Diamonds?

Adam: It takes a concerted effort. Develop your team and leaders—they are the true commodity in your business.  Find mentors, ditch the ego, be teachable and coachable, go in with a student’s mindset, and learn the skills you need. Even though you can start a Young Living business for $150, as opposed to spending $120,000 at school to learn business or marketing, you still need to treat it like a serious business. If you treat it like a hobby, you’ll get paid like it’s a hobby.


YL: What are you most excited for in Young Living’s future?

Adam: I love that we’re a growing, stable company with a great leadership team at corporate and in the field. Young Living really is a unique opportunity since we’re about creating success for other people and not just ourselves.


Congratulations to Adam for a stellar effort! Good luck from all of us!


For more information on Adam, please visit his website or Facebook page.

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  • Sonya Cooper

    I want to be like Adam when I grow up! I’m 42 but I’m young with Young Living in my life! Thank you for the encouragement Adam!

  • Adrienne Sherrill

    What an incredible story from a phenomenal, motivated guy! I am thrilled to have him to inspire me in my first month as a distributor! I want to follow in his footsteps!!

  • So happy for you and all of your team, Adam! Your dedication to purpose and vision is inspiring to all ranks and ages.

  • Brenda Register

    so the question I have is, which Bob Proctor presentation did it for Adam, and is it available to hear?

  • Elizabeth Laliberte

    It’s been fun to watch you grow in this business and I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Simple Home Experience gatherings are the bomb!!!

  • Great work, Adam! You are an inspiration to my wife and I who are new to Young Living and are millenials, ourselves.

    Hope we get to meet at convention this year!

  • Sheila Shorey

    Thank you for sharing! I signed up my boyfriend and he is anxious to learn more from other men in the YLEO’s and build his business:-)

  • Adam, I am sure moms all over are smiling with admiration for you – the one thing we all want for our kids is for them is to be happy, successful and HEALTHY! Good job.

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    Congratulations on your RoyalCrownDiamond! Great work accomplishments!

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    Congratulations Adam! You are such an inspiration to all of us!!

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    Congratulations. You are an inspiration. Understand how I,portent duplication is and not being an expert! Thanks for telling us that!

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  • Bodil

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all of us.

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    Congratulations indeed!! What a fantastic achievement and inspiration Adam. Well done!!

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  • Vicki Opfer

    Congratulations Adam to you and your amazing team! You are an inspiration to all of us – at all ranks!!!

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    Congratulations Adam! What an accomplishment for you. May you have many more Blessings of achievement. I would love to hear any advice you may have to offer of how you achieved your goals. Congratulations again.

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    Thanks Adam! I started in April I have 14 on my team but none reordering! I need to learn how to rework the business you inspired me thank you!

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    Way to go Adam! So fun watching you and Vanessa grow! Thank you for continuing to be an amazing “younger ” role model of possibility for our industry.

  • Adam and Venessa are the future of our great profession. They are ethical, generous, highly motivated servant leaders that are building an empire that will inspire millions inside and outside of YL.

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    Blessings to you,

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    How inspiring! I love to hear stories like these.

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