What is the Savvy Minerals Make-Up Secret?

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Across history, endless toxin-laden ingredients have found their way into some of the industry’s most beloved beauty products.

Although seriously harmful substances such as arsenic and mercury have now been largely removed from the equation, there are still plenty of troublesome ingredients saturating the market and hiding in product labels, prioritising vivid pigments and harsh, synthetic fragrances over the benefits of the naturally-derived, cruelty-free standards that we hold at Young Living Essential Oils®.

In recent years, the Clean Beauty Movement has seen rapid expansion, promoting products that are made with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind, and ensuring that consumers are able to let their favourite features shine without any compromise on ingredients. The secret behind the Savvy Minerals® difference?  Savvy Minerals® not only offers endless benefits thanks to its responsibly sourced, paraben and phthalate free, and essential oil-infused ingredients, but it provides everything needed to create stunning looks to be worn on every occasion.

Buildable, non-cakey and providing long-lasting, all-day wear, this make-up range promises to do everything from reducing redness to soothing and refreshing the skin while improving its texture.

Below, you will find some of our Savvy favourites – all of which can be used for everything from a minimalist daytime look to full-blown evening glamour.

Blush – Embrace a healthy, youthful glow and boost your natural radiance with our Savvy Minerals Blush. Swipe across the apples of your cheeks and enjoy a smooth and luxurious application that is both buildable and easy to blend.

Eyeshadow – Whether you’re looking to purchase a palette, or simply hoping to add an individual shade to your makeup bag, our stunning array of eyeshadows are guaranteed to impress thanks to their pigment-packed mineral hues, lavender oil infusions and high colour payoff. Opt for soft peachy shades to add a beautifully natural finish or go all out with bold and shimmering shadows for a dramatic nighttime look.

Eyeliner – Make the natural beauty of your eyes pop with our mineral-based eyeliner. Ideal for sensitive skin, vegan-friendly and offering a high colour payoff that will take you all the way from morning to night, this matte black shade is sure to leave you feeling unstoppable.

Foundation – Thanks to its buildable formula and ability to minimise the appearance of pores, our Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder® allows you to reduce the look of redness with sheer to full coverage. Elevate the beauty of your skin as you flawlessly blend this all-day foundation to a gorgeous, brightening finish.

Lip Gloss – Enjoy natural-looking, sheer to medium coverage shine without compromising on quality with our fabulous range of lip glosses. This lip gloss will both moisturise and soften your lips, in addition to helping them look fuller for a glamorous pout that will complete your look. It also pairs beautifully with our Savvy Minerals Lipstick®, allowing you to enhance any daytime look into a bolder style that’s perfect for evenings out.

Lipstick – Promising easy application thanks to its smooth, creamy texture, medium coverage and range of shades that will enhance your lip colour and unique, natural beauty, our Savvy Minerals Lipsticks® provide the ideal way to perfect your pout. Made with ingredients such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E, this moisturising formula is sure to fast become your go-to lip product.

Brushes – The Savvy Minerals by Young Living Brush Set is a perfect companion to the make-up line, providing five essential brushes in addition to a chic and stylish carrying case. Made using high-quality, synthetic fibres that ensure even application and a luxurious feel, these brushes pair beautifully with the texture of our Savvy Minerals products, and also feature easy-to-clean bristles that are fast-drying, ensuring maximum convenience. For those wishing to further add to their brush collection, we also offer four individual brushes, all of which are specially designed to work alongside our other products.

MultiTasker – When in search of added drama, the MultiTasker® is the product for you. Ideal for use as eyeliner, eyeshadow, or brow filler, this richly pigmented, deep brown shade is one of our most versatile offerings. Made with mineral-based and vegan friendly ingredients that are sure to satisfy sensitive skin, this buildable formula promises to stay put from sunup to sundown, adding dimension and glamour as it emphasises your natural beauty.

Veil – For those keen to add a glowy, airbrushed finish to their look, look no further than our mineral veil setting powder. Creating beautiful highlights and blurring out fine lines and blemishes on all skin tones, this shimmering, luminising formula keeps your foundation in place throughout the day and elevates your natural radiance.

Mascara – If you have been searching the market for a mascara that will define, nourish and condition your lashes while also complementing your sensitive skin, our cruelty-free and naturally-derived Savvy Minerals Mascara® is the product for you. Infused with Lavender essential oil and crafted with your natural beauty goals in mind, this mascara works well for both subtle, everyday use and elegant evening styles.

What Savvy Minerals product are you most excited to try? Write your comments below or contact us at mseublog@youngliving.com


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