Einkorn Wolfberry Crepes Recipe

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Einkorn Wolfberry Crepes Recipe

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: Approximately 8 crepes

Einkorn Wolfberry Crepes Recipe



    Einkorn Wolfberry Crepes:
  1. In a blender, combine Einkorn Pancake Mix, water or milk of your choice, eggs, vanilla, sweetener, salt, and melted butter. Blend until smooth. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour.
  2. Heat a skillet over medium-low to medium heat and brush with oil or butter.
  3. Pour about ¼ cup of batter into the pan and tip to spread the batter to the edges.
  4. When bubbles form on the top and the edges are dry, flip over and cook until lightly browned on the other side and edges are golden.
  5. Repeat with remaining batter.
    Wolfberry Filling and/or Topping:
  1. Combine Dried Wolfberries and boiling water in a large bowl and cover to keep in heat.
  2. Let sit for 30 minutes. (Can be prepared in advance)
  3. Pour off water, strain the wolfberries and return to bowl.
  4. Add Ningxia Berry Syrup, Lemon Vitality™ and stir.
  5. Fill and/or top crepes with Wolfberry mixture.
  1. Lay crepe flat.
  2. Pour Wolfberry filling down the center, leaving at least 1 inch from edge.
  3. Fold the crepe in half (like a taco), then roll from the center out and place on plate.
  4. Top or garnish with additional Wolfberry filling and fresh whipped cream, if desired.


***For Gluten-Free Crepes, use 2 cups of Gluten-Free Pancake & Waffle Mix and add 2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice.***


  • Monica Mellan

    I love adding the YL Vitality oils to my food but what types of cookware are safe to use the oils in? I know of course glass and food grade stainless steel but what else? Also are the YL Titanium pans good for this as well? I have been hesitant to cook /bake with the EOs because I don’t want to pull out the toxins in the pots/pans/cookie sheets/silpat etc.. Thanks for all of your YL awesomeness!

    • Young Living

      Hello Monica, Great questions! Glass and stainless steel are best when cooking with essential oils. The Titanium Cookware we offer can also be used. PETE or PP plastic containers can be used with essential oils for short periods of time, but we would suggest avoiding other plastic materials and cookware which has a coating.

  • Gail

    I’m new to Young Living and wondering what oil is best to use when heating the skillet. I need a replacement for those awful but convenient cooking spays.

    • Young Living

      Hi Gail, Thanks for stopping by! We do not offer an oil specifically for cooking. However, there are many healthy options available on the market. We suggest starting with a pure vegetable oil-such as coconut oil or olive oil.

  • Amy Hill

    This looks Yummy!

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