DIY: Hand Moisturizing with Essential Oils

1 December 30, 2013 - Archive

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your hands. Between the dry heat indoors, frigid weather outdoors, and frequent hand washing to avoid illness, your hands take a beating. Plus, repeated use of soap and water throughout the day can dry out your hands even more. In addition, many health professionals recommend using hand sanitizers. We recommend that you alternate your hand washing with Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier  to keep cracked and dry hands at bay. It takes only a few additional skin-care products, essential oils, and simple acupressure techniques to protect and moisturize your hands, as well as relieve stress you may be experiencing.

Prevention is the key! We suggest the following:


Soothing Acupressure Technique—Calm Down and Cheer Up!

  • Add 2–3 drops of Joy™ essential oil blend to the lotion of your choice.
  • Lightly rub your hands together to mix.
  • Find the place on the palm of your left hand that correlates with your heart and massage for 30 seconds.
  • Add 1–2 drops of Stress Away™ essential oil blend to the pad of your pinkie finger and massage for 30 seconds on each finger.
  • Once you have completed your acupressure, cup your hands together and place them over your nose.
  • Take a cleansing breath.
  • As you breathe out, say a positive affirmation that is pertinent to you.
  • Repeat these steps three times.

Please leave a comment on this blog post telling us your techniques for moisturizing your hands and relieving stress using Young Living products. We’ll give out a Sensation Hand & Body Lotion and a 5-ml Stress Away™ essential oil blend to the randomly selected winners in a future blog post.

May love and joy accompany you this time of year!

—Gloria Russo, YL International Portfolio Manager

  • Marcia McGowan

    This may sound simple. I make sure to stay hydrated during dry winter months. I make a blend of coconut oil with lavender and apply it to my hands and face. I rub joy over my heart to keep me uplifted during winter blues and rub stress away on my shoulders.

  • Kelli Dees

    I love this post! I just made a custom lotion with Stress Away and Valor in it! Moisturizing and relaxing all rolled in one! It’s amazing!

    • Courtney Berger

      Do you mind sharing your recipe?

  • Mátyás(Matthew) Sabo

    Does anyone body know if putting Thieves’ oil directly on your hands while being diluted with Coconut oil specifically is a safe thing to do? I do not have much extra money right now to invest in all these wonderful oils like Lavender, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Frankincense because of school at the moment, yet I do have both organic Coconut oil and Thieves’ oil. But can anyone answer whether not direct contact with Thieves mixed with Coconut Oil is safe on the skin? Because as far as im concerned with putting the Thieves’ with my epsom salts in hot baths(6-7 drops), it is very very strong. I’m yearning and preparing to become a concert piano virtuoso and yet, every winter…my hands become extensively dry, I hate it so much!! I feel coconut on its own has a very strong base to where it takes a l o n g time to be absorbed into the porous membrane of the my skin and is just, literally, really oily. What would anyone suggest? Pleasure!

    • Hi Matyas, Thanks for stopping by with your questions. Young Living’s products are intended only for the use listed on individual labels—either for topical/aromatic use or as a dietary supplement. Please always refer to the label for usage directions.

  • I add a drop or 2 of the fantastic smelling Northern Lights Black Spruce to my Lavender lotion, and apply it to my face,neck, and decolletage’. It helps maintain the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

  • I have very problematic skin on my hands so I only use home made hand lotions. I commonly use either coconut or jojoba oil…

  • Jenn Clements

    I use organic coconut oil with a drop or 2 of Frankincense. After so trying so many different things I tried it as a last ditch effort and woke up next morning with the cracks in my hands healed!!! Love it!!!

  • Annie Schiffmann

    Hey Gloria! I remember meeting you at Beauty School. I have a question: when you say put a drop of Stress Away on your pinky finger and then massage it for each finger, that seems a little funny to me. Could you explain that further? Thanks!

  • Cheryl Clark Kelly

    Like to use organic coconut oil with peace and calming to moisturize all over.

  • Laura O in AK

    I love adding a favorite oil to some coconut oil to help moisturize my hands after washing with Thieves Foaming hand soap.

    • Deborah

      Do you fractionated coconut oil?

  • dhidey

    I just got a sample set of oils for Christmas and I have been blending Thieves and coconut oil to use on my hands and feet everyday. Then I saw where people blended it in a mixer and put into jars—-can’t wait to get my personal kit and make a batch!!

  • Beth Lindberg

    Along with adding the essential oils to my hand and body lotion, I also use the ClaraDerm spray on my hands. It keeps winter dryness at bay, and smells great too!

  • gbbraat

    Hey, so, I have a necklace that I add YLEO’s to… I got a recipe of 1 drop Joy and 1 drop Abundance…. WOW…. That is the most beautiful, relaxing smell…. And of course… StressAway Roll-On on my wrists! Love Love Love YL!

  • Nozella Bailey Brown

    I’ve used Joy for over 10 years. It’s my signature fragrance. I use it daily on my wrists and in my homemade lotions and moisturizers. Not only do I love the smell, but it keeps my attitude positive throughout the day.

  • Brandi

    Just starting out here. I’ve been using stress away rolled on my wrists and also made a sugar scrub with lemon & purification to moisturize my hands, elbows, feet & face. Didn’t think about adding the oils to my own lotions so that opens up a whole new avenue for my oils!

  • Cheryl Thiele Kamps

    I put a tablespoon of coconut or V6 oil in the palm of my hand and add 2 drops of peace and calming before rubbing on my wrist and hands. Very relaxing to smell peace and calming.

  • Heather K. Poma

    Diffuse peace n calming at night

  • Jennifer Henderson

    I use kiddcents lotion plus a drop of lavender to keep my hands soft and smooth. The lavender also helps me relax and let go of my stress. Nice way to end the day.

  • Diane

    I add Elemi to Sensation for a soothing hand cream. I keep stress at bay by using my Frankincense resin burner daily.

  • Luann Wiese

    I made my own hand lotion using Gentle Baby and absolutely love it

  • Vlada Kropacek

    I use lavender body lotion on my body, and animal scents for my hands and feet. Love that stuff too.

  • I use most of YL’s body lotions. Love all of them. I also like using YL’s V-6 massage oil, adding either Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Geranium or Rose oil as a moisturizer for my face, hands & legs. I alternate this with the ART skincare.

  • Tracy Milstead

    I’m just learning about the different moisturizers Young Living has to offer, but so far I’ve put lavender oil in my own body and face moisturizer. It smells so good and relaxes me.

  • blondymk

    I use peace and calming in homemade moisturizers that my daughter makes. She gave them to everyone for Christmas this year. She already has people wanting more. I diffuse my favorite oils daily to help relieve stress and make the house smell great.

    • Barbara Reetz

      would you share her moisturizer recipe?

  • Carol Stribula

    PS — I also use Lavender Hand and Body Lotion on my feet every day!

  • Carol Stribula

    I use Lavender Hand and Body Lotion every day and several times a day during the winter. I gave it to three ladies this December: my sister for her December birthday, and my two sisters-in-law for Christmas. I use Joy whenever I feel like I need more Joy in my heart, and also Ylang Ylang to relieve stress. Love them! I also occasionally use Stress Away Roll On.

  • Tessa

    I use a lot of coconut oil and lavender to keep my hands moisturizer I also love to add Frankincense!

  • Julie G

    I use stress away and joy for stress relief. The lavender lotion is already on my Jan essential rewards order!

  • Kelly

    I make a soothing skin balm with shea butter, coconut oil, melrose eo, lavender eo and vitamin e. Young Living has the BEST essential oils by far! My skin has never looked or felt better in years. Coming from a mom who has little time for “primping” anymore, I am extremely thankful for the ease and convenience of YL products.

    • Vinna

      Where do you buy your shea butter?

      • Young Living

        Hi Vinna, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with specific information on each source of our oils and ingredients as we regard it as proprietary information and a source of our competitive advantage.

  • Bethany Powell

    I use both Lavender Lotion, and coconut oil with frankincense or lavender. Extremely dry spots I’ll put Rose ointment on, as well.

  • Gail

    I just reordered a bottle of the lavender lotion. I use it on my hands, feet and occasionally on other dry spots that crop up. I also just ordered the other two lotions to try too. Stress Away, Ylang Ylang and Aroma life are used for those stressful days. Joy is a popular one to be diffused in this house too.

  • Robert Clement

    coconut oil and peppermint for my hands and lavender on my pillow

  • Pam Bradley

    I love YL Lavender Lotion, thick and creamy! Sometimes I add a drop of Elemi or Frankincense, just because they make me feel like royalty.

  • Cheryl

    I ♥ Stress Away. When I use it after using Ylang Ylang and AromaLife my blood pressure comes down 10-20 points every time. I will be ordering the Lavender lotion so I can try this technique. TY!

  • Lisa

    Ive been using stress away, but want to try one of the YL lotions!

  • Amy Hoyd

    I use MK Frangrance Free Hand Softener. I never thought to add EO…great idea!

  • Victoria D.

    My favorite is combining a dollop of Lavender Hand & Body Lotion with several drops of the V-6 oil. It’s very soothing, yet penetrating.

  • Celina Harrington

    I love giving massages with lavender. The oil keeps my hands soft and the lavender keeps my cuticles healthy, smells great and I stay relaxed.

  • Laura Braun

    I love using stress away roll on throughout the day!

  • Tearahni Cox

    I haven’t used this technique, but it sounds great! We currently have the Genesis lotion and love it! I also use Stress Away and Joy essential oils! Even as deodorant with a little coconut oil!

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