• Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

Get beautiful skin with 5 essential oils

Essential oils aren’t just fragrant smells, wafting through the home, with a blanket of calmness. We can use them in all areas of our lives, especially to care for our largest organ: the skin. As a society, we’ve come a long way with skincare products and raising awareness about harsh, toxic chemicals. The kind of products [...]

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  • Loofah Soaps

DIY Loofah Soaps with Essential Oils

Scrub a dub, exfoliate in the tub—or just about anywhere you wash! The only thing that’s more fun than making these exfoliating DIY loofah soaps is using them. Place a couple by the sink for a refreshing hand wash or keep a few in the shower for smoother, more radiant skin from shoulders to heels! Here’s how [...]

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  • 12 reason why we love lavender essential oil

12 reasons Lavender Oil is still our favourite

Since you use essential oils, you’ve probably been asked, “What do you use Lavender essential oil for?” You love this question, because the uses of Lavender essential oil are endless! You’re keen to share the wonder it adds to your relaxation before sleep, your skin, your hair, and your happiness. We know you’re completely in [...]

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  • How to use Manuka essential oil young living

5 Ways to Use New Zealand Manuka Oil

Manuka Oils has been renowned by the Maori people for its many properties. Our oil is grown, harvested and pure steam distilled in East Cape region of New Zealand. Manuka essential oil is made from the flowers, leaves and stems of the  shrub. This fresh, spicy, and aromatic essential oil has many benefits. Get Glowing [...]

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