Cheat sheet: A guide to essential oils and their best uses

Our Young Living Essential Oil Cheat Sheet – is a quick and easy guide to our 15 favourite oils! We have oils that improve the appearance of healthy-looking skin and blends you can diffuse to remind you of home. There’s even an entire line of culinary essential oils for infusing flavour into your favourite recipes. With so many oils to discover, [...]

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Top 10 Essential Oils

It’s no secret: The scent of an essential oil can create waves of nostalgia or help you tap into emotions, and when some essential oils are taken internally, they can even improve overall health and wellness! With so many essential oils available, how do you choose which ones to add to your collection? While we’d [...]

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8 things You Should Know About Grapefruit Essential Oil

Thanks to its tart taste and signature colour, it’s not hard to see why grapefruit is a citrus favourite. But this favoured fruit is so much more than a side to your breakfast or an element in your summer sorbet. In fact, Grapefruit oil benefits range from skin-cleansing properties and help with your health goals—not to mention its [...]

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4 Essential Oils Made Especially for Kids with Laura Csortan

Whether you’re an experienced oil user or new to essential oils, the Young Living KidScents® Oils have been designed so they are safe to use on kids. Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies and emotions. Our celebrity brand ambassador, Laura Csortan, former Miss Australia, Model and TV Presenter loves the KidScents® Oils, as they are [...]

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7 daily uses for Stress Away

With naturally delicious scents like Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, and more, it’s no surprise Stress Away™ essential oil blend is one of Young Living’s most popular products! When you catch the citrus-sweet scent, you can’t help but stop, take a deep breath, and relax—even with the unfolded laundry, to-do list, and noisy children who surround you. [...]

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