Essential oils aren’t just fragrant smells, wafting through the home, with a blanket of calmness. We can use them in all areas of our lives, especially to care for our largest organ: the skin. As a society, we’ve come a long way with skincare products and raising awareness about harsh, toxic chemicals. The kind of products that leave your skin red, splotchy, dry or tingling.

And then, there are natural, ethical-sourced solutions that empower your skin, without any catches.

Like kale serves the diet, and meditation with the mind, essential oils belong on the skin. 100% pure, plant-based essential oils from Young Living, of course.

Introduce the skin’s ‘superfood’ into your beauty routine.

1. Cleanse & bathe, with Lavender

Ahhhhhh, lavender! It’s soothing on the face and soul. Your morning and nights are a time for a slow, relaxing pace – lavender time. Reducing the appearance of blemishes, opening pores and getting that fresh morning boost to your complexion by adding it to your cleanser.

With its restorative effects on skin, take your Sunday self-care to the next level with lavender-infused ‘tub time.’ Pour one cup of Epsom Salts and four drops of Lavender essential oil into hot bath water and let your worries soak away.

DIY: Bring one litre of water to a boil and pour into a glass bowl. Add 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil, then cover to maximise the vapours.

2 Moisturise, with Frankincense

Spent too much time out in the sun over the years? Do you use foundation just to cover up uneven skin tones? Leverage the natural tightening and evening effects of Frankincense essential oil. With a few dashes of this essential oil in your moisturiser, that delightfully dewy, healthy look will have you skipping the coverage step altogether.

DIY: Massage Frankincense essential oil anywhere on your skin that needs a little extra lovin’, following massage movements to stimulate circulation for better absorption. Then, apply your daily moisturiser.

3. Serum up and chill out, with Geranium

The sweet, floral aroma of Geranium essential oil  is perfect for bedtime, with its peaceful, meditative state. Create your own essential oil serum, featuring Geranium essential oil, to naturally fight dry, dull skin. This concoction will help you wake up looking youthfully fab.

DIY: Blend three tablespoons of jojoba oil (or the carrier oil of your choice) and 10 drops of Geranium essential oil into a small glass dropper. Tighten the lid, shake and, voila!

4. Spritz, with Helichrysum Flowers

Totally obsessed with essential oils and can’t wait until your PM skin routine? Now you don’t have to, with this ‘during the day facial mist spray.’ Helichrysum Flower’s characteristics gives your skin a midday energy boost. This rich, floral oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and softens and revives the skin. Pollution, work stress and your demanding boss don’t stand a chance.

DIY: With 75ml of water in a cup, add 10-20 drops of Helichrysum essential oil. Buy a 100ml bottle and spray lightly over your skin for a refreshing effect. Bring this baby in your handbag or yoga tote.

5. Tea Tree steam facial… oh my!

Bye bye blemishes, with this Tea Tree essential oil steam facial. The oil’s cleansing properties makes it the perfect addition to your Sunday self-care sesh. It also helps soothe skin.

DIY: Heat four cups of water and pour into a bowl with six drops of Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil. Put your face over it and drape a towel over your head and bowl. Stay there for 10 minutes and enjoy the steam opening your pores.

The centuries old natural remedy for bright, youthful skin.

Leverage the natural power of essential oils for radiant, smoother, younger-looking skin… without having to drop hundreds on expensive products with unknown ingredients. And just in case you’re worried about an oily complexion, don’t be. Essential oils don’t give you a wet, blemish-prone complexion.

You just have to try it for yourself to experience the skin wellness. Ignite ALL your senses, with .

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