Christmas Pavlova with Spiced Cream and Red Fruit

This traditional Australian/New Zealand dessert is a favourite for the holidays! If you are pressed for time you can buy your meringue pavlova base (readily available in Australian and New Zealand supermarkets) and just make the Spiced Cream and Berry Coulis and add fresh fruit. Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark and Ginger culinary oils add a warm [...]

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Beetroot and Fetta Summer Salad with Lemon & Rosemary Vinaigrette

The perfect summer Christmas salad to serve! Great as a light meal or a share plate at BBQ’s or dinner parties. The Lemon and Rosemary vinaigrette brings out all the flavours in the salad. Chef Kate TIP: The dressing recipe makes more than enough for this salad. Keep in a screw-top jar or airtight container [...]

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Date, Apricot & Chia Bliss Balls Infused with Lemon Oil

Need a quick snack?  These healthy bliss balls are the perfect snack all week long!  These bliss balls are so quick and easy to make and really yummy. The lemon oil really adds a tangy zing! You can also use Citrus Fresh oil it's also wonderful in place of the lemon oil. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:15]   Love [...]

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Mini Pavlovas with Tangerine Cream & Fresh Fruit by Chef Kate!

Pavlova is an iconic dessert in Australia and New Zealand.  It was created in the 1920’s for the Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova who toured both countries in 1926 and has been loved ever since. The tangerine oil adds a lovely citrus burst of flavour to the cream and goes great with the fruit! If you [...]

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Easy Yoghurt & Fruit Parfait with Grapefruit Oil by Chef Kate

This light and easy recipe is ideal for breakfast, a healthy snack or as a beautiful light dessert for entertaining. You can use some of your favourite seasonal fresh fruit, frozen berries or even tinned fruit! Plus – it only takes 15 mins to prepare. NOTE: I like using some grapefruit, orange and tangerine pieces [...]

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