Manuka Oils has been renowned by the Maori people for its many properties. Our oil is grown, harvested and pure steam distilled in East Cape region of New Zealand.

Manuka essential oil is made from the flowers, leaves and stems of the  shrub. This fresh, spicy, and aromatic essential oil has many benefits.

  1. Get Glowing

Add 10 to 15 drops of Manuka Oil for every 60 grams of your face lotion. Bring out a bright, clean, fresh look with Manuka! Its constituents (leptospermone, copaene, and isoleptopsermone) work harmoniously to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin, all while you enjoy the warm, calming aroma.

Benefits: Cleanses, refines, and highlights and promotes healthy-looking skin

#YLTip: For oily skin: Did you know that using oil in your skin care can help balance out the natural oils your already possess? Reach for oils that target the appearance of blemishes to give your face a fresh look.

  1. Relax during Meditation

Use Manuka essential oils during meditation to promote feelings of relaxation and help prepare you for deep mediation.

Calm & Relax Diffuser Blend

2 Drops Manuka
3 Drops Lavender
4 Drops Frankincense

  1. Moisturize a Dry Scalp

Manuka oil can moisturise a dry scalp.  It’s easy to use – just add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage onto the scalp.

Alternatively, add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner and it will help to restore moisture to the scalp.

  1. Freshen the Air

Air fresheners can contain phthalates and many other hazardous chemicals.  For a low tox alternative you can diffuse Manuka essential oil.

Add 8-10 drops of Manuka essential oils to your favourite diffuser and diffuse for around 30 mins to cleanse and freshen the air.

Cleanse The Air Diffuser Blend

2 Drops of Manuka Oil
3 Drops Eucalyptus Radiata Oil
4 Drops of Lemon Oil

  1. Try as a Low Tox Deodorant

Looking for a low tox deodorant?  Some people use Manuka Oil as a free from harsh chemicals, low tox and replacement for deodorant or perfume.

The average deodorant can contain harmful chemicals like:

  • Aluminium is the ingredient in antiperspirants that clogs your pores and prevents sweating.
  • Propylene Glycol If used every day, this chemical can cause damage to your central nervous system, heart and liver. It is also shown to irritate skin, especially if you have sensitive skin
  • Triclosan The FDA has classified triclosan as a pesticide, yet it is in the majority of brand name deodorants


Finally, let us know how you are going to use New Zealand Manuka Oil?