With a 25-year legacy, hundreds of essential oil-infused products, and botanical farms spanning the globe, we’re more than ready to celebrate essential oils. Let’s honor our love for life-changing essential oils today and every day!



  1. Get to know our farms. From Taiwan, Darwin to Cape Town, we’ve got farms all over the world that ensure our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, helping us deliver powerful, potent products to your front door.
  2. Brush up on essential oil basics. Between knowing where they come from and how they can change your life, you’ll get a highly concentrated (pun intended) crash course!
  3. Bask in the beautiful outdoors. Watch a sunset, head into the mountains, and remind yourself of how much botanically derived essentials oils have changed your life.
  4. Remember Young Living Founder D. Gary Young. As the pioneer of the modern-day essential oils movement, he is to thank for our must-have bottles of EO.
  5. Diffuse away! Fill your senses with 30 Ways to Use Floral Essential Oils, Top 10 Must-Have Oils, 6 Best Diffuser Blends for Kids or 30 Ways to Use Essential Oils Throughout Your Day!
  6. Step up your self-care. Read a book, pamper yourself, get in a great workout, or take a pause from social media for a touch of total mind and body wellness.
  7. Essential Oil Cheat Sheet. We know that questions about Young Living oils come up in every conversation, so equip yourself and become everyone’s essential oil guru.
  8. Reset Your Mind. Scents are powerful! Harness that power from each bottle of essential oil and find your mood and day instantly transformed.
  9. Celebrate life! With a love for essential oils comes a greater appreciation for the everyday. Call, text, or visit the most important people in your life.
  10. Become a beauty buff. Set aside some time to make a DIY Clarifying Clay Mask or a DIY Frankincense Glow Serum!
  11. Clean your diffuser. It’s hard to get the most out of your powerhouse essential oils with diffuser buildup and gunk getting in the way.
  12. Go Low Tox with Your Cleaning. make the switch and get rid of harsh chemical filled product in your home. Use plant-based product you can feel confident in using.
  13. Pay it forward. With so much health, wellness, and abundance in our lives, it only makes sense to go out and spread that goodness to the world today! We’re making it easy to share the YL Story, try our YL Share App.

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How have essential oils changed your life? Share your story below.