Maybe you’ve mastered cooking with culinary oils or are a pro at using essential oils in your skin care routine, but did you know you can use Young Living essential oils every day? We’ve created a sun up to sun down essential oil guide that gets you through the day the YL way!

Try our essential oils every day!

Rise and shine

Your bed is a warm oasis, but you can see the sun streaming through your window. Push back your sheets’ cozy embrace and start your day on an energizing foot by diffusing 2 drops Lemon, 2 drops Citrus Fresh, and 2 drops Peppermint.

YL tip: Add a few drops of oil to your Desert Mist Diffuser the night before so you can power on the stimulating scent first thing in the morning.

Sweat it out

Now that you’ve conquered the temptation to sleep in, hit the ground running! Dilute R.C.® essential oil blend with equal parts V-6before your HIIT class, or opt for a more tranquil sweat session by rubbing Myrrh on your chest before yoga practice.

Pamper yourself

Savvy Minerals Young Living Pamper Yourself

Wash up after your workout with a spa-like shower. Add several drops of Eucalyptus Radiata to a damp washcloth that sits just outside the fall of water for invigorating, aromatic steam. Take your shampoo and conditioner to the next level by adding 10 drops of Cedarwood and Rosemary straight into the bottle to promote healthy-looking hair.

Once you’ve towelled off, a drop or two of Lavender applied topically can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and support aging skin. If you’re so inclined, accentuate your natural beauty with a sweep of blush, a few coats of mascara, and an application of eye-catching lipstick!

Head out the door

You’ve already hit an amazing stride by working out and getting ready! Keep the momentum going with EO-infused fuel that will help you crush your to-do list. Send your kids to school with a kiss and then take care of yourself by jump-starting work hours with NingXia Red without worrying about caffeine jitters.

Relax during lunch

Wow—what a day already! Take a breather during your lunch break to unwind. Skip soda that will result in a sugar crash and instead add 2 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to icy water for a refreshing punch of flavour. Close your eyes for a minute or read a book while eating to take your mind off the stress of the day! Once you’re feeling rejuvenated, apply Deep Relief Roll-On to your neck and shoulders before jumping back into the bustle of the day.

Run errands

And by run errands, we mean go online! Did you notice during the kids’ bath time last night that you’re running low on KidScents Shampoo? Prepping the house for weekend guests with Purification® essential oil blend? Looking for a car diffuser to combat your kids’ sports bag smell? Ready to make the jump to a plant-based laundry soap with Thieves®? Head to to find even more goodies on your shopping list—and maybe diffuse some Brain Power for a clarifying scent while you try not to forget any of the essential oils.

Beat the afternoon slump

Purification Essential Oil Young Living

It’s 3 p.m., the afternoon slump has arrived, and your craving for chocolate is at an all-time high! Reach for  Slique®Bars and take a couple of deep breaths to stay focused on the task at hand. Keep your goals in mind and add Inspiration essential oil blend to your diffuser for an uplifting aroma while you power through those long afternoon hours.

Get cooking

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, CEO, or student making your way through college, you’ve made it. It’s 5 o’clock and the best part of the day has arrived: dinner! Make a bountiful pasta dish with Oregano, Basil , and the barest hint of Black Pepper . Trust us: the whole family or your invited guests will think you went to cooking school!

Wind down

Lavender Calming Bath bomb


Kick your feet up; it’s time to relax! Take a much-deserved bath with Lavender Calming Bath Bombs. Once you’ve dried off with your fluffiest towel, massage Tranquil Roll-On onto the back of your neck and let its soothing scent give you some bedtime serenity. Just before saying hello once again to the cozy embrace of your sheets, use Peace & Calming essential oil blend on your feet to support a full night’s rest the natural way.

Try our recommended essential oils every day!