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Looking to elevate your scone game with a burst of citrusy flavour? These Orange Scones with Orange Jam are a delightful twist on a classic recipe, bringing a burst of citrusy flavour to your breakfast or afternoon tea. Experiment with the serving options to find your perfect combination and enjoy this citrus-infused treat!

One of the secrets to these delectable scones is the use of Orange essential oil, which infuses them with a zesty, citrusy kick. The combination of fresh orange zest and a few drops of orange essential oil creates a flavour explosion that’s sure to awaken your taste buds.

NOTE: This is a vegetarian friendly recipe but not vegan friendly. You could use coconut oil in place of the butter, coconut cream in place of the cream and a chia egg, however the scones won’t be as light. Use coconut sugar in place of the raw sugar; the scones will be a darker colour and not quite as light