If you find yourself daydreaming about an outdoor adventure or a mountain getaway but can’t seem to find the time to pack up and hit the road, Idaho Grand Fir essential oil will be your saviour, it is the perfect oil to help you stay grounded and connected to nature!

This unique oil is sourced from the Young Living Highland Flats Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho and offers a woodsy, refreshing aroma reminiscent of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

This scent will tug on your heartstrings with the nostalgic feeling it evokes.

Fun fact! The tree that Idaho Grand Fir comes from, the Abies grandis, is commonly used during Christmas festivities. Elements of this tree were also used year-round by Native American cultures to promote well-being and the sensation of deeper breathing.

Get your outdoor fix today by using Idaho Grand Fir essential oil in one of these six grounding ways!

1. Deep breathing

Deep breathing techniques can help you feel connected to your body, allowing you to be grounded in the present moment, taking your awareness away from any troubles in your head and quieting your mind for a few moments of bliss.

While you can’t carry around a whole forest with you, you can enjoy crisp, grounding mountain-inspired air by adding 2 drops R.C.™ essential oil blend and 1 drop Idaho Grand Fir essential oil to a bit of V-6 or coconut oil. Rub this unbe-leaf-able blend into your chest and inhale deeply. Feel the coolness and luxuriate in the sensation of deeper breathing!

2. Meditation

A benefit of an outdoor adventure is the ability to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life – take a moment away for yourself through a meditation practice – even just 5 minutes can set you for a more grounded day. Simply apply a few drops of Idaho Grand Fir essential oil to your wrists, neck, or temple before you start relaxing.

You can also spruce up your meditation with a woodsy blend of five fresh, spicy scents. Roll onto temples, neck, or wrists before starting your practice.

10 drops Idaho Grand Fir essential oil
10 drops Orange essential oil
5 drops Palo Santo essential oil
5 drops Copaiba essential oil
2 drops Clove essential oil
Enough V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to fill the bottle

3. Roll with it

During the day, you might find yourself in a busy environment, keep grounded in these situations by reaching for your own custom blend. Try branching out with this grounding roll-on recipe!

4 drops Idaho Grand Fir
3 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Ylang Ylang

4. Tree-t Yourself

Tree-t yourself to a little post-workout pampering with the bright aromas of Cool Azul® and Idaho Grand Fir! Add all the ingredients to a roller bottle and use on joints and muscles.

20 drops Cool Azul essential oil blend
15 drops Idaho Grand Fir essential oil
Enough V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex to fill the bottle

5. Scent-sational perfume or cologne

If you love the smell of the woods, wear a drop or two of Idaho Grand Fir for a natural perfume! Try Idaho Grand Fir with Patchouli for a warm, inviting scent. If you prefer a fruity scent just add LemonTangerine, or Ylang Ylang.

Your custom blend will keep you grounded throughout the day, transporting you to your mountain getaway. This is also a great way to ditch those toxic ingredients found in conventional perfumes, lessening your toxic burden throughout that day, plus you get to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils when you wear them as a perfume!

6. Gratitude

To keep grounded, bring yourself back to the present with a daily gratitude practice. You can do this by making a short list of what you’re grateful for; you’ll be surprised by how many things you can think of once you get started! Diffuse Idaho Grand Fir for a grounding, relaxing, and calming atmosphere while you write.

Now you’re armed with these 6 ways to get grounded using Idaho Grand Fir essential oil, it’s time to implement these practices into your weekly routine. Now you can imagine you’re visiting the Young Living’s Highland Flats Tree Farm and Distillery in Naples, Idaho, all year long!

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