Self-love may seem like just a trendy buzzword on social media these days. You might even write it off as another superficial fad, right up there with face filters and fanny packs (just kidding—fanny packs are dope). But learning to love yourself is essential to your happiness and personal growth. It’s also the starting point for strong, healthy relationships with others.

Recognizing your real value can be challenging, but with a little time and practice, you’ll get there. Start weeding out the self-doubt and negative self-talk today with these eight tips.


1. Do a social media purge.

Are you following someone who’s always posting antagonizing comments or memes? What about accounts that share snapshots of their impossibly perfect lives or unrealistic body goals? While you can’t control what other people post on their page, you can control what pops up on yours. Protect your peace by unfollowing anyone who makes your feel bad about yourself—your fake friend, your local fitness guru, or even your mother-in-law. While you’re at it, find a few new inspiring people or accounts to follow.

2. Take ALL the selfies.

Whether it’s the perfect lighting, a killer red lipstick, or the sudden realization that you look hot as heck, snap the selfie and save it for a confidence booster later. You’re worthy of remembering the times you felt fabulous.

YL tip: Hold the phone far away from your face so the lens doesn’t distort your features; then zoom in to get that perfect shot.


3. Practice self-praise.

We know—we said practice for a reason. Instead of focusing on your perceived flaws when you look in the mirror, give yourself compliments instead. You might feel a little silly at first, but keep it up because self-affirmation can do wonders for your mental health. The more you say something, the more you’ll start to believe it. Remember, if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend or sister, don’t say it to yourself!

YL tip: While you practice self-praise, diffuse the sweet, harmonizing aroma of One Heart™ essential oil blend to inspire you to open your heart to love and acceptance.

Three friends taking a selfie

4. Treat your body right.

It’s hard to feel positive about yourself and your body if you’re constantly run down. Get your groove back by taking small steps to a happier, healthier you.

  • Build a better bedtime routine. Start with these peaceful diffuser blends and tips for more restful nights and more productive days.
  • Give yourself a break, literally. Look at your to-do list and schedule short breaks between tasks.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If water is too boring, brighten it up with a squeeze of Spearmint Tangerine or Jade Lemon Berry YL Vitality Drops +Energy.
  • Eat a fruit or veggie with every meal. Sneak a few berries in your breakfast cereal, swap out chips for carrot sticks and hummus dip, and serve salad with dinner.


5. Write yourself a love letter.

Make a list of your accomplishments or things you like about yourself. No item is too small! Give yourself the praise you deserve and acknowledge all the hard things you’ve overcome, then put your letter under your pillow or by your bed so you can start each day with positive vibes.


6. Schedule a self-care day.

Self-love doesn’t have to be all about bubble baths and spa days, but it definitely doesn’t hurt! Check out these dreamy DIYs and top essential oil tips for the perfect pamper night.

Young Living essential oils day spa


7. Invest in yourself.

Many people, parents especially, tend to put their needs last. But you shouldn’t feel guilty for investing in your dreams—it’ll make you a better friend, spouse, and leader. Take that class, buy that self-help book, grab the essential oil you’ve been eyeing, or splurge for the expensive face cream. You deserve it.


8. Stop comparing.

From our bodies to our hair to how clean our houses are, we’re constantly comparing ourselves to each other. But you are the only you on the planet. Pretty cool, right? Celebrate your uniqueness and know that nobody else is just like you, and that’s a good thing!


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How do you shed self-doubt and feel empowered?

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