A Tribute to the Pioneers of the Modern Essential Oil Movement, D. Gary and Mary Young

Records dating back to 4,500 BC describe the use of aromatic substances to promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Despite the long history of use of what we now call essential oils, people began to supplant these natural, earth-given remedies with man-made medicines around the 12th century, thus greatly diminishing the use of these natural substances.

A modern resurgence of essential oil use is due to the dedicated work of several important pioneers, including D. Gary and Mary Young. By creating Young Living Essential Oils, Gary and Mary have helped to bring the power of essential oils back to the forefront. For over 20 years, they have given hundreds of thousands of individuals the opportunity to find wellness, purpose, and abundance.

When Gary was first introduced to pure essential oils in 1985, he immediately recognized their unparalleled potential to promote wellness. He traveled the world to learn more about these gifts of nature, learning from essential oil researchers and plant growers and distillers in Switzerland, France, Egypt, Turkey, and other areas of the world. The more he learned, the more he desired to share his knowledge and to give others the use of these priceless gifts!

Mary had become an expert in the direct sales industry since being introduced to the concept in 1985 and had built her own successful, multimillion-dollar organization. Gary had also been very successful in direct sales businesses. Together, they determined that direct sales was the perfect way to share essential oils, and in 1994 they combined their knowledge and expertise to found Young Living Essential Oils.

This historic event kicked off what would become a worldwide phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of people have followed in Gary and Mary’s pioneering footsteps to improved health and financial independence through essential oils. Thank you, Gary and Mary, for being pioneers of this remarkable movement!