Helping Members Live Their Dreams for 20 Years

We’ve been helping people live their dreams for 20 years by offering transformative essential oil products, generous and flexible business opportunities, and a supportive network of fellow Young Living members. The path that we offer to wellness and financial independence is unparalleled.

We asked, and here’s what our members have to say about their success with Young Living:

Young Living is helping me live my dream of…

“…being free from debt; living in my dream home; traveling; giving abundantly; and experiencing freedom to enjoy my work, hobbies, friends, and family.”

—Debra Raybern, Royal Crown Diamond Member

“…helping people live longer, healthier, happier, and more abundant lives!”

—Vicki Opfer, Royal Crown Diamond Member

“…being a stay at home mama, no longer living paycheck to paycheck, becoming financially stable, and making huge strides in paying off my enormous student loans!"

—Nicole Barczak, Diamond Member

“...changing my family legacy. As a family we're seeing more, doing more, being more, and giving more than we've ever been able to before. Our young children and their future children will live completely different lives because of the opportunity Young Living has afforded us. It's a dream come true, and I know it's a dream that will last many lifetimes.”

—Lindsay Moreno, Diamond Member

“…making a difference in the lives of those whose lives touch mine."

—Frances Fuller, Royal Crown Diamond Member

“…being able to serve my community and world mission through the financial freedom Young Living brings; helping others get healthy as they start their own journey with oils; developing leaders and financial increase in others; and being in charge of my family’s health.”

—April Pointer, Diamond Member

These members, and thousands more, have found that Young Living provides more than just superior products—we offer an improved life! Discover how Young Living can help you live your dreams by trying our products and engaging our members on Facebook or Twitter. If you didn’t sign up for our sold-out 2014 International Grand Convention, check Facebook and Twitter for regular updates and live your dream!