Get Started with Young Living – great new look for kits!

As announced last weekend at Grow! the European Convention, from 1st October you will receive a free 15 ml Citrus Fresh essential oil with every Premium Starter Kit ordered.

Citrus Fresh is an excellent blend to spread a fresh scent in your home or workplace, and it combines the powerful benefits of five citrus oils with the crisp, balancing scent of spearmint - so do not miss out on the opportunity to receive one of our great signature blends for free!

This offer ends on 31st January 2016.

Due to popular demand, a free copy of our informative product guide will once again be included in every Premium Starter Kit from 1st October! If you ordered a Premium Starter Kit in September, we will shortly announce how you can get your free copy of the product guide.

“Absolutely, positively amazing”, “I love it”, “you can just feel the quality in the box”– these are just a few of the member’s comments being used to describe the new Starter Kits.

The new-look European Starter Kits are a perfect way for new Young Living members to demonstrate the range of Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products, to build the foundations of a Young Living business and to share the Young Living lifestyle.

There are two versions of the kit - the Basic and the Premium. Both kits come in a stylish presentation box and there’s even a handy oil demonstration stand to show the oils in a professional way. The kits will be available in eight languages: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Slovakian and Croatian.

The Basic Starter Kit

Basic Starter Kit prices exc. VAT: €40.00

PV 0


-10 x 1ml sample bottles – perfect for sharing!

-An AromaGlide roller kit fitment

-2 x NingXia Red Single sachets

-1x Stress Away 5ml essential oil

-Business cards - 10pk

-10 sample sachets of our most popular single oils and blends

-Marketing Literature (see below)

Marketing Literature

-A Welcome Letter from Founder D. Gary Young and CEO Mary Young.

-Essential Oils at a Glance.

-Usage tips and information about each oil or blend.

-Love It? Share It! – top tips to help you share the products and opportunity.

-Young Living Roadmap – a double-sided poster-style roadmap showing the steps to achieving Royal Crown Diamond level.

-Sharing Cards– stand-up information cards on five of the most popular oils: Frankincense, Thieves, PanAway, Peppermint and Lavender. These cards include a handy space to insert a 1ml oil sample bottle.

The Premium Starter Kit

Premium Starter Kit prices exc. VAT: €141.75

PV 100


-The Basic Starter Kit +

-1 Dewdrop Diffuser +

-10 individual 5ml bottles of essential oil singles and blends:









-Tea Tree

-Aroma Ease

Our commitment to quality!

The first batch of kits in Europe from Sept 1st will feature the 10 oils above. As we create new batches of kits, different oils (the oils below) may be substituted (depending on product supply).

Di-Gize, Copaiba, Lemongrass and Citrus Fresh.

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