Great News at the end of the year!

We are almost at the finish line of 2014 and with 2015, a year of many wonderful opportunities lies ahead of us! To brighten your days in the busiest period of the year, we are introducing 7 new products available now for you to share and enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing you share your experiences with these and other gifts of nature on our Facebook pages!

Sheerlumé Brightening Cream

Fascination with beauty and the search for the Fountain of Youth is as old as time. Women everywhere, of all ages, seek solutions to complexion discoloration, whether it’s brought on by the natural process of aging, sun exposure, or other causes. Did you know that research suggests that uneven and dull skin tone contribute even more to the appearance of aging than wrinkles?!

Illuminate your complexion with Sheerlumé Brightening Cream—an advanced formula powered by a proprietary blend of Young Living’s pure essential oils. Sheerlumé offers a lot more than just a simple quick-fix concealer: Light and natural, its advanced formula offers long-lasting, unparalleled results for all skin types.

Code: 4833


Shutran is an empowering essential oil blend that is specially designed for men to boost feelings of masculinity and confidence. Its inspiring aroma appeals to both men and women, and although used like cologne, Shutran does not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Code: 483508, (15ml)

Aroma Carousel

Looking for new, unique ways to share Young Living? Our Aroma Carousel includes ten 2-ml essential oil sharing bottles, plus a revolving display for your guest to explore Young Living products, making it is a perfect accessory for presentation, travel, and sharing essential oils. It is also great as a thoughtful gift alongside our precious essential oils and is the perfect partner for our Vitassage Massager, as the bottles that come with the Aroma Carousel also fit the compartments of the Vitassage!

This product also comes with two Easy-Fill Pipettes and Oil Bottle Cap Labels.

Code: 4832521

LBrianté Lip Gloss and Essential Oil Blend

LBrianté offers two products in one convenient package: an essential oil roll-on that effortlessly glides over neck, wrists, and temples, and a perfect shade of lip gloss with applicator.

LBrianté offers three separate aroma/gloss combinations:

• Amoressence Essential Oil Scent and Red Lip Gloss

• Winter Essential Oil Scent and Neutral Lip Gloss

• Summer Essential Oil Scent and Pink Lip Gloss

The interchangeable packaging makes it easy to exchange a lip gloss for lip gloss or a roll-on for roll-on. When owning all three, there are a total of nine different combinations to choose from. LBrianté makes matching your mood or special occasion as easy as one, two, three!

Amoressence Essential Oil Scent and Red Lip Gloss

Code: 507408

Winter Essential Oil Scent and Neutral Lip Gloss

Code: 507608

Summer Essential Oil Scent and Pink Lip Gloss

Code: 507508