One little bottle, so many drops! A 15 ml bottle of essential oil may look small, but those amber bottles pack a lot of power. From diffusing to DIYing, there are countless ways to use those precious drops—here are 21 ideas to get you started.

How many drops are in a 15 ml essential oil bottle?

One 15-ml bottle of Young Living essential oil contains approximately 250 drops. The design of a bottle can affect how big each drop is, so we can’t comment on how other bottles perform, but all things being equal you should get around 250 drops from 15ml and about 83 drops from 5ml.


What can you do with a 15 ml bottle of essential oil

Need more ideas? Our cheat sheet will show you some of the best uses for our favorite oils. After you’ve mastered the basics, try these 13 ways you didn’t know you could use essential oils and get creative!

Did we forget any of your favorite uses?

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