Seven Tips for Snapping the Perfect Selfie

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Spring Break is full of photo opportunities! Times when you’ll head outdoors with your family and friends to celebrate the warming weather. Check out our top seven tips on how to capture the moment with the perfect selfie.


Young Living ART Skin Care System1. Prep Your Canvas

Before the cameras start flashing, start the day off right with the right beauty products! Use the ART® Skin Care System while getting ready to look your most radiant for all your outdoor activities and photos. Remember to add a bright lip color just before you get snapping.


2. Make Things Interesting

The best selfies offer something for the audience. Give your viewers something to look at or something to laugh about. Bring some personality to your photo, but make sure to keep it natural—avoid fake smiles and staged poses. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make them count!


Selfie 13. Good Lighting is Your Best Friend

Lighting plays a key role in the outcome of a perfect photo, and selfies are no exception. Make sure to capture your selfie in well-lit areas with as much natural light as possible. Try to position yourself so that the light is in front of you to avoid shadows on the face.


4. Do a Quick Background Check

Great selfies often feature a great backdrop that gives your audience the inside scoop on where you are and what you’re doing. Your viewers would much rather see a pretty background or a neutral wall instead of a bathroom toilet or a room full of laundry.


5. Know Your Angles

Selfie 3It’s important to know your angles, because looking into a camera isn’t like looking into the mirror. Practice and play around with different poses to see what angles turn out to be most flattering to you. Try holding your device stretched away from your body, a little above eye level with your head slightly tilted to one side. That way your chin and cheekbone are visible, ensuring a slimming angle and a grade-A selfie.


6. Take Plenty of Photos and Pick a Winner

We all know that professional photographers take hundreds of photos only to narrow them down to a few golden shots, so why shouldn’t you? Just make sure you’ve got enough memory in your smartphone so you really get the one you want. Like other great photographers, remember to only share a few of your best shots—posting selfies sparingly will create the biggest impact.


7. Edit

The right photo-editing app can make a huge difference in how your final picture turns out. Don’t be afraid to apply a filter to your photo to make it more flattering! Instagram has the basics, but there are tons of other apps and tools out there that can help you get rid of the little blemish on your nose or even add a Cindy Crawford-esque mole.

Selfie 2Giveaway

What other tips do you have for taking a selfie? Let us know in the comments for a chance to be randomly selected to win an ART® Skin Care System valued at $144.41!

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Congratulations to our randomly selected giveaway winner, Heather Ludwick!  Thanks everyone for your participation and great comments! 

  • Diana

    Can’t afford it but would love to use it

  • Loretta

    Love Art I use it every day!
    Took a Beauty class it was fun and got some great samples ❤️💦
    Love Young Living and what Essential Oils do to improve my lifestyle!

  • Melissa Ann Stearns

    Oh Darn! Great blog and sad to see that I missed the cut off for the free giveaway. I LOVE taking care of the largest cell on my body.. my skin!! Another favorite is sandalwood moisturizer. Blessings to a beautiful day, Missy Ann

  • Tonya

    Don’t take yourself too seriously and also use a stick!

  • Lisa

    Would love to win the system! Have always wanted to try it! Love the tips too!!!

  • Renee Underwood

    Just found this blog and love the tips given… I will be trying many of these tips out because I always hate my selfies…. Thanks

  • Emily Webster

    Be aware of clutter in your surroundings.

  • Jaclyn Gibbar Rodewald

    I love applying filters to my favorite selfies! You can change the mood of the picture with a simple filter 🙂

  • Molly Brose

    Smile! And be sure you are capturing your full subject (often someone or a part of someone is cut out)!

  • lace

    Drink lots of water so your skin looks fresh and healthy and hold that phone away and up to get a great angle and put a kid in the picture. They make it so much more fun.

  • Misty Sprinkle

    I always say to smile like you’re laughing! It makes my kids giggle & a better more natural picture.

  • Amy Z.

    Great advice! My tip is to try not to be too self-conscious for the best natural-looking selfies 🙂

  • Sue Spaulding

    I have been wanting to try the Art Skin Care System, and believe that using that system would be the very best thing I could do to improve my selfies! I mostly take selfies with my grandchildren and of course, my adorable grandchildren always look fabulous in the pictures! How wonderful it would be if I could show my sweet grandchildren a selfie of them, with me, and we all look great! Art Skin Care System, I need you for my selfies! Good luck, everyone!

  • Sally Day

    Let the person with the longest arm be the one who holds the camera.

  • Amanda R

    Great article! My tip, when trying to get kids in the picture take some goofy photos first!

  • Don’t forget to smile and you can make funny faces too just for fun!
    I love taking selfies with my kids 😀

  • When you’re not feeling great, make funny faces!! haha..
    I love taking selfie with my kiddos 😀

  • Christee Brindzik

    Be You! Be your beautiful natural self – just enhance it with all these tips! 🙂 Don’t forget to brighten up those lips with our L Briante’™ Lip Gloss too!

  • Great tutorial, can’t wait to use these tips on my upcoming cruise to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Up until now my best tip was to know how to delete all the bad pictures!

  • With an upcoming 40th Anniversary Cruise, this tutorial will be put to good use to help us capture our memories! I love the reminder about the angles – I typically discard most selfies because they are unflattering – now I know to try different angles.

  • Rebekah

    Always remember to grab and friend or your kids. It’s good to know our community makes us shine from the inside out!

  • Sarah Murray

    Just live in the moment! Take several shots and pick the better one later 🙂

  • Bev B

    Love this! I am not one for selfies, but can maybe do some now!
    A tip… know your background!!! I have a girlfriend, that let her daughter take selfies… and there was a case of wine behind this 4 yr old’s head…. Didn’t look very good, but was sure funny!

  • Lois Windes

    …be sure to have a Young Living product in the picture!! 😉

  • Karen churchill

    Most importantly…..have fun!!!

  • Diane

    This is great. Start the day off right — with ART (which I haven’t gotten to try yet) and a YL wellness regimen. The angle with the camera slightly above is definitely flattering for most people. Tucking your tongue up to the roof of your mouth also helps slim your neckline, but it takes a little practice to stay looking natural and not have a forced smile.

  • Rachel staigar

    Love these tips! My tip is to use the front camera as a mirror to check for food in your teeth. Keep your teeth bright with Thieves Dentarome Ultra & Slique gum!

    Also, make sure to look at the front camera, not the screen! Otherwise it will look like you are looking down

  • Heather

    Awesome! Just getting started and I am learning so much already! Would love to check out the ART system!

  • Geraldine Greening

    I don’t take selfies but if I do I will refer to your tips ….

  • Zina

    The taking plenty of pictures is a must! In those 10 or so pictures, you will find the one that captures the moment so perfectly, it deserves its own frame and will always remind you why you took it in the first place 🙂

  • Vivian

    Put your back to the sun and let the sun peek around your head for dramatic sunrays

  • Charlene Yarger

    Pictures are so much fun! It is great to get some helpful tips!

  • Justina Swann

    Use the timer on your phone so you can distance yourself during a selfie!! <3 That's my tip 🙂

  • Melissa

    Include other people. 🙂 Technically not a selfie, but I love seeing other people in my memories.

  • Melissa

    My tip would be…Don’t forget to Smile! 😊

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