Quick Exercise Tips for Your Everyday Routine

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Work, household chores, errands, playtime, dinner, laundry—with so many things to do and not many hours in the day, finding time to exercise is difficult. To help you fit in the physical activity your body craves, we’ve rounded up some simple, quick workout routines you can fit into your daily schedule. With these fast exercise ideas, you’ll be able to stay moving even when you don’t have time to hit the gym.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” –John C. Maxwell

Sleeping Beauty Leg Exercise

Wake up and warm up with this in-bed exercise! Lie on your back and lift your legs about 6 inches off the bed. Keep your abs tights, back flat, feet together, arms to your sides, and knees straight as you use your feet to draw small circles in the air without touching the bed. Do 20 circles clockwise and 20 circles counterclockwise.

(Calf) Raise the Bar

Brush up on your calf raises while you brush your teeth! Start flat-footed and raise to your toes until you get a tight flex. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

At-Work Workoutstretching

If you have a desk job, it’s important to get up and move at least every 2 hours. Do some standing stretches for your arms, neck, back, and legs; squat a few times; or walk around your floor or building. The movement helps your body and helps you clear your head and stay productive!

Traffic Jam Session

Stuck in 5 o’clock traffic? Turn up the radio and move to the beat. You’ll burn some extra calories and make the wait a little more fun. For an extra boost, add some ab, glute, or thigh flexing. Just make sure you keep an eye on the road and remember safety first!

In the Hot Seat

Start by sitting up straight. Squeeze your glute muscles and pulse 50 times. Rest for 5 seconds and repeat until you feel a good burn. Take your desk workout a step further and work your thighs too! Place your feet on the floor with your legs together. Press your knees in so you feel your inner thighs working. Pulse 50 times and repeat as desired.

Playtime Meets Gym Timeyoga

Make exercise fun for the kids! If you have a baby, hold a plank position on your hands for 30 seconds while your hover over him or her. Lower into a pushup and kiss your baby on the forehead. Come up and repeat as many times as you can. Give your legs some attention by doing wall sits as you read your children a book or review their homework.

Torch Calories—and Grime

Burn calories while you clean the carpet. Push the vacuum only as far as your arm extends and return it to your body without moving your feet. Switch arms every 5 minutes. This quick push-pull motion targets your arm muscles and burns up to 100 calories in 30 minutes! The heavier your vacuum, the more strengthening this exercise is. Use the same method of mopping and sweeping—you’ll burn up to 100 calories in 30 minutes while mopping and 100 calories in 45 minutes while sweeping. Burn a few extra calories and clean the baseboards too!

Burn Calories, Not Dinner

Take advantage of your downtime during dinner! Do some push-ups against the counter while the vegetables cook or jumping jacks while you wait for the water to boil. Do 3 sets of 20 reps of one or both exercises.

Walk Around the Blockwalking-round-block

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, and a walk around the block is fun for the whole family. Take your kids, spouse, or dog for a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood. This is a great after-dinner activity to beat a post-meal crash. Plus, you can spend time with your family and stay moving.

Sunset Salutations

Unwind after a long day with a few calming or rejuvenating yoga poses. Pair your practice with your favorite essential oils such as Frankincense, Lavender, or Stress Away™. Try some of our simple, sweat-free yoga poses to get started!

Bonus Tip

Remember to hydrate all day to make your moves most effective and keep your body healthy. Add Vitality™ oils to give your water an extra splash of flavor!



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  • dinny morris

    I must say a very good article. These exercise are easy to do and very good for the health.

  • Carol king

    I’m must go up stairs a 100 times thruout the a day
    So if there isn’t something for me to carry up I have two 5 lb weights at top & bottom of the stairs waiting for me to do my lung climb holding the weights one in each hand down at my sides I take a step up doing a deep lunge left then right all the way up. That gives mm you glutes a nice burn

  • Great article. Thanks

  • Louise

    just curious, did anyone win?

    • Hey Louise,

      We’ve selected a winner, but we’re waiting for address verification. We’ll post as soon as we obtain it! Thanks for you question!

  • Kristine

    Amazing tips! Thank you!

  • Jennie Norris

    I always use the stairs when it’s an option. I park far away from the entrance of whatever building I’m going to.
    While working from home, I do suicides up the stairs each hour, to keep my heart rate and body moving. If I’m sitting at my desk, I’ll do calf raises, to make sure I don’t get leg cramps.

  • Lyn Sheehan

    Do 10 squats every time you use the bathroom. That’s a lot of squats by the end of the day!

  • Paige Lewis

    I always try and take the stairs when it’s an option. The little things add up at the end of the day!

  • Donna

    I jog with the dog

  • Julie Pierce

    Throughout the day I try to incorporate exercises. In the AM when brushing my teeth I do squats, hamstring curls and Amy other leg exercise. When in the kitchen I lunge from one area to another. Yes, I get crazy looks! And when driving I tighten and release my booty. Oh… Even jumping jacks during commercial breaks. 😊

  • Vee

    The contest ended on Sept. 15 but never got the post until Sept. l7. Hmmmm.

  • Paula

    I’m a big believer in keegles at stop lights. Women end up with bladder control issues in mid to late in life. With this exercise, I hope to delay any need of adult diapers!

  • Debbie

    Water water water! And since I don’t like it I must use a drop of grapefruit or lime Vitality. Feel much better when hydrated.

  • Mary Grace Lucas

    Thanks for the tips! Always need these great reminders!

  • Barbara Peter

    All great suggestions! Thanks! What really works well for me is to bend my elbows, placing my forearms and palms along each side of an open door! Elbows are at shoulder height. Then I step a foot through the doorway and get a great stretch through the chest, upper back and shoulders. Breathe into those stiff areas. Don’t forget the other side.

  • Brenda Vandermeer

    I just got this email today, so I am late repling but I love the office work out will need to try that as I have a habit of sitting there trying to get it all done for the company but not thinking of my own well being.

  • First, I have to keep track of my movements because if I don’t then I’m less likely to move. So a great app makes that easier. I take the stairs in my building and walk all the aisles in the store for extra steps.

  • As a physical therapist, I always love to hear people incorporating active movement into their every day routines. One of my favorites is practicing one legged standing. Whether it’s while you are brushing your teeth, waiting for the microwave to ding, or chatting on the phone, try standing on one leg with the other knee held high at hip height. When you get good at doing that with your eyes open, give it a try with eyes closed. If you feel challenged with this initially, try incorporating your favorite ‘grounding’ oil- you’ll be amazed at the immediate change in your success.

  • Great tips, regardless of what phase you are in your life. If your a new mom, working professional, or empty nester who travels frequently – you can achieve exercise and balance. I bring my oils when I travel and it makes all the difference in the world. We all tend to forget that it’s about creating what works for each of us, not about stressing to get to a class. Thanks for the post.

  • Marcia Harrington

    Don’t forget to exercise your neck!! With all the hours we spend on electronic devices – laptops, tablets, and especially smartphones. All the texting we do, we are looking down and causing strain on our necks. There a couple good exercises to go for your neck that are easy to do at anytime like when you’re watching television or in the minutes before going to sleep. Tilt your head by moving your right ear to right should and hold for a count of 15. Then look down like you’re looking at a pocket on your shirt. Hold for a count of 15. Then repeat on the other side. You can also tuck your chin back and forth in a forward motion.

  • Hilary Erickson

    I love to take dance breaks with my kids while doing homework.

  • Caitlin Duplantis

    My workplace has started the 100 day Global Corporate Challenge! I am on a team of 7 and our goal is to get as many steps in a day as possible. Having others there to support me as I try to reach fitness goals is a great motivator. We push each other to meet our step goals. Most of the people on my team have desk jobs so we remind each other throughout the day to get up and move as much as possible. We have been going for walks on lunch break too. When someone is sore I recommend oils to help them recover too :).

  • Betsy Baron

    Only have one minute? Plank with arms straight and do jumping jacks with your legs. Great for inner and outer thighs plus abs!

  • Sherry Doskey

    Don’t forget the neck and shoulders – Do shoulder lifts and crunch your shoulder blades together in back when finished with lifts. After every page of typing or at least every hour. Neck stretches all four directions and then in circular motions will stop headaches and sore neck muscles also.

  • Molly McEnerney

    I’ve been sitting at my desk exercising my arms by spreading them out like wings and then bringing them together over my head. I can really feel my arm, back, and chest muscles working!

  • Sharon

    Whenever I pass a mirror I do some boxing punches. When I’m waiting for things to cook in the kitchen, I’ll do squats and some quick running in place.

  • Michelle Martens

    My daily exercise is going for a walk with my pups and my beautiful baby girl!

  • Nancy J. Wilson

    Love all the great exercise suggestions here. I get a few extra squats in while blow drying my hair in the morning!! Also when I’m doing some cleaning I always listen to upbeat music..Makes me move a little faster!

  • Erica

    Love all the ideas! I’ve recently taken up running and will listen to a book on my phone while I run. I love to read so getting to hear a story helps motivate me to go out to run longer distances.

  • L Sellers

    Great tips for combining exercise and everyday tasks…Especially for those who sit at a desk all day. I’m sure adding in some essential oils might make the day more relaxing!!

  • Christina M Graham

    One of the things that we did when I worked at Vera Bradley was we get up from our sewing machines and we’ve slowly been down to the ground as far as we could and if you could touch the ground walk out to your hands and your feet will flat to the ground and then come back real slow rolling your back like one vertebrae at a time. Another exercise we would do is we would take her hands out tourist sites are down to our sides it would slowly raise them up evenly put our wrists straight up so their fingertips were in the air and go round in circles forward and then backwards 15 reps twice that would help put some circulation back into her arms especially when you’re sitting at a desk or computer all day

  • Joan Marie Welker

    Comment. Dance movements,,alone or with others is a great inexpensive exercise

  • Michele O’Brien

    Another simple way to exercise throughout your day is whenever you can put your hands in the air. The more you can keep your arms up, the more toned and less flabby your arms will be.

  • This is awesome advice!! As a physical therapist and health coach I teach things like this all the time! Love Frankincense and Pure Protein Complete!!
    Thanks Young Living!!

  • Erin Gross

    I love to do a “figure four” stretch. It feels awesome on my hips and glutes. You can stand and cross your right ankle on top of your left knee/upper thigh and then slightly bend down (and then switch of course!). I love and need this stretch often!!

  • Kelly M.

    I love this advice! I sit all day as a counselor, and when I get home, I’m mentally exhausted but physically untouched… meaning sleep is always illusive. I will begin to put some of these things into practice! Thanks for the opportunity to win 🙂

  • Kriss Kabalan

    While sitting at my desk I will squeeze & release my booty muscle (gluteus). This is a great exercise while stopped at a red light as well. Contract & Release my booty until the light turns green!

  • Jackie Stoiber

    During a stop light I will bring my forearms (wrist and elbows straight up and down) together in front of me. This helps reduce back fat.

  • Carrie Flatt

    I love this post!!! Thank you for motivating me to get my body moving. I have three children and find it hard to get to a class or a exercise routine at home. I can do a couple of sets of push ups while my veggies are on the stove or when I’m sitting in traffic 🙂


    I love to start my day doing straight leg stretches in my bed. This gets my circulation going and gently stretches out my back. I have Fibromyalgia, so I have to start slowly, to warm my body up and get going. After I get up, Peppermint Vitality water is a great beginning to my hydration for the day! As I begin doing side stretches and continue warming up my hips and back, the water cools off my insides and wakes me up! Before I know it, I am ready for the shower, wide awake and warmed up, ready to face the day! If anything aches after the shower, Panaway, Relieve It or Cool Azul Cream are at the ready to help take the pain away and get me on my way!!

  • Cheryl Shirley

    When standing next to my kitchen counter I do leg lifts to the side 3 sets reps of 15 with each leg. you will feel the burn

  • Hope

    Great tips!!

  • Sheryl Jackmon

    Since I work at a desk all day I like to inhale a drop of peppermint & smooth it over the back of my neck & then leave my desk & walk to end of hallway to the stairwell & go up & down the stairs a few times (6-7 floors) – by the time I get back to my desk I feel invigorated enough to focus on the project on my desk & get things accomplished! 🙂

  • Christina

    I love standing in a doorway and stretching my arms and pec muscles by leaning into the doorway. I also love going on walks around the neighborhood to clear my head before diving into work again!

  • Before & after exercise, I enjoy foam rolling to help release the lactic acid that builds up in my muscles. This also increase blood flow around the muscles and helps rid the body of toxins. (Having a foam roller is like having my own personal masseuse.) Then I like to add various oils depending on my mood: Stress Away, citrus oils, peppermint, etc.

  • Leah Ellis

    Do squats while helping your child pick up his toys!



  • Debbie Hartman

    The sleeping Beauty leg exercises are great for me to do in bed. I love starting my day with that exercise.

  • Heather Stone

    I work crazy hours so the gym is often closed when I get off (small town life). Since I work in a courthouse it has a large parking lot I walk in the morning or at lunch. If I do not have a fast paced day I get up and go to the copier as much as possible, or go to co-workers offices to give them messages. I will also walk to other offices in the building instead of calling. To spend quality time with the kids we will walk our neighborhood in the afternoon, play ball, chase and “tussle”. The tussling involves my lifting them a lot, that would be my weightlifting, haha…. I do not know what I I’ll do when they get too big for me!

  • Carly F

    By adding some peppermint to my neck before a workout, it leaves me with a great cooling sensation. It pushes me to work harder!!

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