Finally live the life you want to live. This list explains what our Peace & Calming® essential oil blend is used for, as well as some recipes and helpful tips on using this unique blend. Whether you want to create a more inviting home, implement a restful bedtime routine, or just find a way to live in the moment, Peace & Calming can help you to get there!

For custom scents

The dilemma: Lotions and perfumes contain scents that can be too strong or wreak havoc on your senses.

How to use Peace & Calming blend:

Peace & Calming’s blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy is distinctive and sophisticated, while still subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm the senses.

  • Use as perfume on the wrists and neck as desired to create the right sensory affect.
  • Add drops to unscented lotion until you find the perfect custom blend.
Peace and calming essential oil

For lackluster skin

The dilemma: Maybe you’re not sleeping well or maybe you’re feeling run down at work. Whatever the reason, you skin has lost its healthy glow.

How to use Peace & Calming blend:

Work, parenting, and time can be so hard on your skin. Peace & Calming includes Young Living’s Orange and Blue Tansy essential oils, which help reduce the appearance of blemishes and moisturize your skin, especially when added to a face lotion.

  • Add a drop of Peace & Calming to your face lotion at night before you go to bed to give your skin care (and bedtime!) routine a boost.
  • Make a skin spray with 2 ounces of water and 10 drops of Peace & Calming to use whenever you want to refresh tired skin.