Native to New Zealand and steam distilled from the manuka—or Leptospermum scoparium—tree, Manuka essential oil is a skin care pro. In fact, it’s right up there with Tea Tree oil when it comes to skin-loving superstars. But there’s more to those drops of Manuka than mad skin-cleansing skills.

Bothersome blemishes? Manuka’s got a drop for that. Itchy scalp? Manuka’s a master moisturizer. Fatigued feet? Meet Manuka, your new massage therapist. It could be coincidence that Manuka and multitasker both start with the letter M, but we think not.

Is Manuka oil good for skin?

Whether you’re fighting fine lines or soothing small skin irritations, make sure Manuka essential oil stands front and center in your bathroom cabinet. It’s moisturizing, calming, and cleansing. Here are some ways to benefit from this trifecta of talent.

  • Boost your beauty routine: Add a few drops of Manuka to your Orange Blossom Facial Wash to elevate its cleansing and moisturizing properties.

  • Soothe while you smooth: Combine 2 drops each of Manuka and Helichrysum to your favorite body butter for an extra dreamy scent and an extra dose of moisture.

  • Tackle troublesome blemishes: Use our Maximum Strength Acne Treatment—Manuka is a main ingredient—and send blemishes to the sideline.

Manuka essential oil