Learn & Love: A Guide to Geranium

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May is the ideal month for geranium flowers to blossom. It’s also the perfect month to get to know this floral essential oil! This infographic has all the fun facts and usage tips you need to do just that.

All About Geranium Infographic


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What’s your favorite way to use Geranium? Let us know in the comments!

  • Hello Karen! You can do both, but we have found it is sometimes nice to add a few drops in your hand with your shampoo, so you can control the potency. However, it is totally up to your personal preference. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by with your question!

  • Carmen Gutierrez

    Looking forward to trying Geranium 🙂

  • Kristen Shave

    I love geranium! It smells great!!!

  • Julie Hotz

    I use it as a deodorant. Add to distilled water in a glass spray bottle and spray directly on clothes under arm area.

  • Lise Gault

    I use it with lavender and 1/2 cup of epsom salts in a bath. Smells great.

  • Stella McDaniel

    I got all excited about this and then found it is out of stock. Hopefully it will be back soon!

  • Julie

    I love to add Geranium and Lavender to my castile soap for a body wash. In an 8 oz. bottle, I use 10 drops Lavender and 5 drops Geranium. This combo smells just like rose!

  • Patricia Holmes

    I love the smell of geranium flowers, so I have to order oil!

  • Lenora

    I love geranium. It is my all time favorite and in any blend! It is a must in every household!

  • Thank you for all these wonderful tips. I will use for our hot tub to keep the water clear. I am sure my husband will love that since he is really picky about keeping the water clear and I am picky about using other chemicals to achieve that! Also, will start diffusing it for reasons mentioned from one of you. I love Joy as my perfume and will start using Geranium as well. Have a blessed week, keep growing and blessing others with your business.

  • Bellani Vitela

    I diffuse geranium along with blood orange and spearmint essential oils and my whole house smells divine! I also use geraniumeon in a face tonic! I love it!

    • bgail

      I need to get spearmint. That sounds wonderful!

  • Sara Pereira

    It’s my understanding that geranium is safe for ingestion, so why is it not part of the Vitality line?

    • Young Living

      Hello Sara, Our Claims Committee reviews all current scientific research to determine the label for each product. Federal regulations require sufficient scientific evidence to support the label of the product. This means that any Young Living® product will require sufficient evidence to determine usage and following the usage directions will help ensure the safety and efficacy of the product. Geranium is labeled for topical and aromatic use only. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Helen

    We use it in hot tub keeps the water clear.

  • Patricia E. Steffen

    I used it in place of Lavender in a homemade facial cleanser. It’s so good for my skin!

  • Amy

    I used it along with Tea Tree oil in a dry shampoo for a cousin that was in the nursing home for a year before she passed away. Most nursing homes only wash resident’s hair a couple of times a week; she still had quite oily hair and skin, so I made a dry shampoo for the staff to brush through her hair between washings. It worked great, and the staff loved it so much they asked for my recipe!

    • Hey Amy. We are so glad that you shared this! We are sure your suggestion will help others that might be in the same boat. Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Joie

      Hi Amy!

      I hate washing my hair and always seem squeezed for time when I do… any chance you’re up for sharing that delicious-sounding dry shampoo recipewith us? Tea tree and geranium are two of my absolute favorite EO’s 🙂

      Thanks in advance 🙌🏻

  • I love geraniums and would love the oil. I use lemon, grapefruit, frankensense, breathe and lavender. I have just put them in my diffuser. I have used lemon as a cologne. Are you located anywhere near Houston?

    • Hello Donna. We don’t have a location near Houston. We are located in Lehi, Utah. Thanks so much for sharing how you use the oils you love. We always love any suggestions or ideas.

  • Stephanie Davis

    I don’t have this oil yet, I am new. I can’t wait!

    • Hey Stephanie! Welcome to the Young Living Family. This is an amazing oil and we are excited for you to start experimenting and see what you love and what works for you. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I like diffusing Geranium and Northern Lights Black Spruce together!

  • Tami Nicholson

    I find that geranium oil motivates me to start projects and get things done. It reminds me of Spring and induces a “Spring Cleaning” sort of mode.

  • Susan E

    I haven’t ordered it yet but know it is in a couple blends that I use. I plan to add to skin care or to diffuse with a citrus.Thank you.

  • Sarah Foust

    I am just now learning how to use Geranium. This was very interesting.

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  • Marsha Emrick

    I just recently ordered Geranium. I’m just starting to explore the possibilities with it. My first step adding Geranium to my skin care. I’m trying it in lotion and cream.

  • Kim keller

    I love combining Geranium with Joy and diffusing! I also wear them as a perfume. They are my favorites!!

  • Tanya Fan

    in a home made moisturizer

  • Virginia

    I love Geranium and Lemon as a cleaner in my kitchen!

  • I use it in baby wipes!

  • Heather

    I am really loving geranium with lavender and lime in the diffuser. It smells so fresh and clean.

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