You know the flutter in your chest you got when you saw a cute someone walking down the halls of your high school? We get the same feeling when breathing in Jasmine essential oil. Rare, precious, and absolutely exquisite, this delicate oil gives us a first crush blush. It’s so delicate, in fact, that the jasmine flower is often picked at midnight to produce the most fragrant oil. So tonight—or any time of the day—diffuse the mysterious, floral aroma of Jasmine and slip away into sweet dreams of first love!

A little goes a long way

Jasmine isn’t valuable only because of its unique harvest and distillation process. Like a subtle wink from your long-standing crush, just one drop of Jasmine can send your senses soaring. From bedtime routine-, skin-, and mood-boosting benefits to an incredibly powerful aroma, Jasmine is the oil you’ll always be thinking about.

Feel the love

Who needs a whole new world when Jasmine essential oil has all the love you need? Let yourself get swept away with this alluring scent that’s associated most often with romance. You’ll see true sparks fly if you diffuse Jasmine with Sacred Sandalwood or Ylang Ylang.

Drift to dreamland

Oil from the jasmine plant is the sleeping beauty you’ve been wishing for! With a graceful scent that complements drowsy dreaming, place drops of Jasmine and Cedarwood onto the soles of your feet before crawling under the covers.

Jasmine oil benefits

Soak in the self-care

Fragile florals are a great way to get in the personal-pampering mood. When you catch a whiff of the elegant scent of Jasmine, you’ll be inspired to turn your bathroom into a spa!