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These Blueberry Pancakes are quick and easy to make and full of great ingredients to start your day off right!

The eggs and coconut milk add protein and the blueberries add a yummy burst of fruity goodness. I have included lemon oil in the recipe, but orange oil is wonderful too or try a couple of drops of each.

Chef Kate TIP:

You can drizzle the top of the pancakes with the blueberry syrup (recipe below) or use maple syrup, honey or jam, if you prefer. Try adding any of these ingredients to the batter for variety: ½ cup chopped nuts, ½ cup pumpkin and/or sunflower seeds, 1 banana (cut into small pieces) and/or ½ cup chocolate chips.

NOTE:  This makes a semi-thick batter. Add a little more milk or water to thin if needed. If you are gluten sensitive be sure to use gluten-free flour and oats. You can also omit the oats if you prefer and add ½ cup more of flour instead. Frozen blueberries hold their shape better, but you can use fresh too.


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