Did you know a simple massage can help beat stress, soothe tired muscles, and boost your mood at the same time? It’s true! And we’ve got studies to back it up. According to the Australian Psychological Society, (National Research Survey: Stress and Wellbeing in Australia).   Basically, adding massage to your self-care regimen can decrease stress and improve overall health. Try there 18 essential oils for massage!

Transform your good life so you’re living your best life! Treat your body with the practice of aromatherapy. Need help? We’re sharing the 18 best essential oils for a massage, plus tips on how to use them!

Best 18 essential oils for massage:

  1. Peppermint essential oil
  2. Lavender essential oil
  3. Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil
  4. M-Grain™ essential oil blend
  5. Basil essential oil
  6. Frankincense essential oil
  7. Rosemary essential oil
  8. Black Pepper essential oil
  9. Cedarwood essential oil
  10. Ginger essential oil
  11. Thyme essential oil
  12. Lime essential oil
  13. German Chamomile essential oil
  14. Ocotea essential oil
  15. Raven™ essential oil blend
  16. Geranium essential oil
  17. Orange essential oil
  18. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™ essential oil

How to use essential oils for your massage:

  1. Find a buddy. Pair up with a loved one so you can unwind together for an aromatherapy massage.
  2. Set the mood for relaxation. Dim the lights, cue soft music, and enjoy the peaceful moment.
  3. Choose your favourite oils. Mix your desired oils in a bottle or the palm of your hands to find an aroma you love. See our recommendations for each type of massage below or select from the 18 essential oils above.
  4. Warm oils in your hands before applying. This simple step goes a long way with your massage, making it comfortable on your skin and seemingly more effective!
  5. Massage away!

DIY massage mix with essential oils:

Tailor your massage with scents that match your mood. When you’re creating a luxurious massage oil blend, keep these tips in mind:

  • Add essential oils to V-6, Young Living’s proprietary blend of several carrier oils including coconut oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, and more.
  • Complement some of our pre-mixed massage oils with your favourite essential oils.
  • Rule of thumb: 15-30 drops of oil per ¼ cup of V-6. Some oils like Black Pepper,  or Oregano may need to be diluted further.

You can also use our tried-and-true recipes below for an indulgent, spa-like massage.

Foot massage

Ground yourself after a long day with a foot massage before bed. Use this blend for an earthy, uplifting scent to rejuvenate your barking dogs—and we’re not talking about your precious pup.

How to give a foot massage:

  • Start by gently massaging and pulling on the toes.
  • Use your thumbs in the sole of the foot, with the fingers rested on top of the foot.
  • Massage from the ball of the foot to the arch and down to the heel.

Did you know? The bottoms of the feet can absorb oils faster than other part of the body!

Back massage

Take a load off with a much-needed back massage. For a relaxing scent that melts away stress, mix essential oil favourites that have proven their worth time and time again!

Store extra oil in a glass jar with the lid screwed on tightly.

How to give a back massage:

  • Start with about 1 tablespoon of the oil blend above or your chosen massage oil. Add more if necessary.
  • Use long, fluid strokes to spread the massage oil over the whole area.
  • Knead the muscles with your fingers and palms.
  • Spend about 30 seconds on each muscle group.
  • Massage the muscles on either side of the spine, avoiding the spine itself.

Post-workout massage

Soothe sore muscles when they need it most using a blend that’s both calming and bright. Plus, you’ll love the pleasant sensation after a hard workout.

How to give a post-workout massage:

  • Start with light pressure on sore muscles, then build up pressure. Stop massaging if it hurts.
  • Begin by rubbing the massage oil over the area with flat hands, then build up to kneading for a deeper massage.
  • Depending on where you’re sore, you may want to mix more massage oil. In that case, follow the same ratios above.
  • Your massage technique will vary depending on where you are sore.

Neck and shoulder massage

It’s easy to strain our necks when we’re sitting at a desk all day, carpooling kids around, or glued to our phones. Tackle neck and shoulder stiffness with this relaxing, cooling combo.

How to give a neck and shoulder massage:

  • Use light, long strokes with firm but not intense pressure.
  • When you find knots, apply concentrated pressure using your fingertips.
  • Knead thumbs up and down along the back of the neck; use hands and fingertips along the shoulders and up the sides of the neck to the base of the head.
  • Use the heel of your hand in circular motions on the back of the shoulder blades; do the same motion just under the collarbone.

Head and Neck tension massage

After tackling tension with your DIY roll-on during the day, double down in the evening by massaging in the same area. This soothing blend used with a massage can do the relaxing trick before climbing into bed.

How to give a head and tension massage:

  • Apply oil to back of neck, forehead, and jawline. Stay away from the eyes, mouth, and nose area.
  • Use gentler pressure than normal, especially at the beginning of the massage.
  • Rub in gentle, circular motions on the temples.
  • Glide your fingers up the jawline and into your hair.
  • Follow the directions above to massage the neck, paying special attention to where the neck meets the head.

Scalp massage

Give your scalp a tingling sensation during your shower routine. This blend combines gentle soothing with a sweet scent.

How to give a scalp massage:

  • Start by running your hands through your hair.
  • Use your fingers to make circular motions all over the scalp, moving slowly from front to back; do the same movement from back to front.
  • Use your fingertips instead of your fingernails to work the oil into your scalp.
  • Rub your ears and the spot right behind your ear.

YL tip: The Deep Relief™ Roll-On is another great option for targeted massage if you don’t want to create your own blend.

How to give a joint massage:

  • Use the roll-on for precise application of oil to the joint.
  • Before you get into the joints, massage the larger area around the joint for a few minutes to warm up the muscles.
  • Use small strokes like rubbing back and forth in a small area and making circles with your fingers.
  • Apply a warm compress before or after for additional relief.

Hand massage

We use our hands frequently during the day, so of course they need some love too! Warm up your palms and fingers with this recipe!

  • 1 teaspoon V-6
  • 1-2 drops Octoea

How to give a hand massage

  • Start with the fingers, rubbing them up and down and gently spreading them apart.
  • Squeeze the part of the palm between the thumb and forefinger.
  • Use the thumb to rub the entire palm, starting from the wrist to the base of each finger.
  • Use fingertips to massage the top of the hand.

Now that you’ve got the tools to create spa-like vibes, make your blissful massage a daily occurrence. Your body and mind will cherish every second!

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