5 Tips to Help Your Dog Weather Winter

10 February 23, 2016 - Essential Oils, Essential Oils and Pets, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle

With frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, the first few months of the year can be tough for your dog, making it easy for him to catch the winter blues. Here are five winter tips to show your dog a little extra love and keep him healthy and happy this season!

  1. Play Dress Up with Your Pup:

    Just because your dog has a built-in fur coat doesn’t mean he won’t get cold—his breed, size, and even his age affect his internal thermostat. If he doesn’t have a heavy fur coat, a sweater or dog coat can keep your pup cozy during the winter season. Pay attention to the material and the fit when choosing a coat or sweater for your furry friend’s comfort. It never hurts to have several on hand to ensure your dog has a dry sweater or coat whenever he heads outdoors.

  2. Animal Scents ShampooChange Grooming Habits for Winter:

    In the drying winter season, less is more. If possible, minimize baths during the colder months to help your dog maintain naturally occurring oils so his skin won’t dry out as much. When you do bathe him, pamper your pup by using Animal Scents™ Shampoo to clean and condition your pet’s coat. Make sure your dog is completely dry before going out after a bath.

  3. Prevent Cabin Fever:

    If you live somewhere cold, your dog may stay inside more during this time of year. After being cooped up all day, it’s easy for your furry friend to catch cabin fever. Combat the boredom by creating indoor activities and stocking up on plenty of toys. Playing with interactive toys—or any toys for that matter—can stimulate you pet’s brain. If you live near an indoor dog park or agility park, an hour a day could be a great physical outlet for him.

  4. Help Your Dog Weather WinterHelp Your Pet Stay Hydrated:

    Cold temperatures can cause dehydration, so help your pup stay hydrated by giving him plenty of fresh water and choosing high-quality food for good nutrition and health.

  5. Provide a Warm, Clean Bed and Plenty of Blankets:

    Who doesn’t like to snuggle up to fresh, warm blankets on a snowy day? Freshen up your dog’s bedding by laundering it regularly so he has a hygienic place to stay toasty warm.


What are you going to do to keep your furry friend happy this winter? Tell us in the comments!

  • Thanks a lot.

  • You have posted some really great stuff here. I really like your comments regarding my problems or I must say that you have proposed a solutions to a universal problem. Kudos to you, and good luck for your future blogs.

  • Sandra

    Is there a mixture of the oils to treat your outside furbabies for heartworm prevention ?

    • Young Living

      Hi Sandra, We suggest reviewing the Animal Scents® blends and our other essential oil products for possible solutions. Please discuss these possibilities further a your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your furbabies. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nancy Lorenz

    I always use my oils around my little Lizzie who is a 13 year old 5 lb. Yorkie. She is older and tends to sleep more and stay cuddled up to me as much as she can. Exercise is also very important as our dogs get older and keeping them limbered up is important and fun for both Lizzie and myself! I turn playtime into run and around and chase and getting up and down stairs as games to keep her limbs moving. I diffuse oils constantly through out the day and I know at they benefit her as much as they benefit me. She loves the smells and is always watching as I put the oils in the diffuser and I try and talk to her and have communication with her. I know, I treat her like my child but being older myself I also need the company and I want to keep my furbaby companion with me and well for as long as she can be!!!

  • Nancy Lorenz

    Me too Kendra! It sure helps me to know what and how to use them on my fur baby Lizzie!

  • Sara Chase

    I wish I still had my sweet dog, a female German Shephard. She loved the essential oils. I used various ones on her. The Animal Scents Ointment was so helpful. The Animal Scents Pet Shampoo was the only stuff that got the smell of skunk out of her fur, or her bedding!! I remember she used to lay under the massage table when I would do Raindrop Technique. I am grateful I had the YL products to bless her with.

  • Kendra

    LOoOOoove tips and articles involving the fur babies!

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