We’re celebrating our third annual International Essential Oils Day! Join us as we raise our glasses to Young Living’s founder, D. Gary Young, and remember his mission to spread the love of essential oils to every person in every household around the world.

If you’re already essential oil obsessed, you understand the importance of keeping a solid collection of EOs in your home. We can just imagine your color-coded shelf or alphabetized drawer of bottles.

As essential oils have gained popularity in recent years, it’s become obvious that those precious drops have an abundance of uses and benefits for every home. From aromatherapy to toxin-free cleaning, essential oils can help everyone find joy in their wellness journey.

Whether you’re a dedicated oil user or still investigating, we have five reasons to (easily) convince you that essential oils are for everyone.

They harness the benefits of nature’s living energy

Never have the gifts of nature been so accessible and versatile. Essential oils bring natural solutions to any family’s day-to-day, from the bedtime bustle to science projects with the kids. These little bottles pack a whole lot of punch. Essential oils are derived from the powerful distillations of a plant’s essence, so yes, they really work!

One of the most popular ways to experience essential oils is through aromatherapy, the practice of using oils aromatically and topically for overall wellness. Whether you’re diffusing oils to freshen the air or using them topically during a massage, you’re practicing aromatherapy. The benefits of aromatherapy are endless, including enhancing meditation, boosting your mood, and improving your bedtime routine!