3 Easy Oil-Infused Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mom has always been there for you, and while you may not have appreciated her attention when she loudly cheered from the sidelines of your game—foghorn included—or took hundreds of pictures before prom, you don’t know what you’d do without her.

Show her some love this year with help from these Mother’s Day gift ideas. Whether you share breakfast in bed, a DIY spa kit, or a few essential oil blends, Mom is sure to feel cared for—the perfect gift for the years of care she’s given!

Breakfast in Bed

Remember all the times Mom prepped breakfast before your early-morning game or whipped up a brunch buffet for your birthday sleepover? There’s no way to repay her for years of tasty meals made with love, but a surprise breakfast in bed won’t hurt.

Plan a meal that includes what Mom would want on her special day, whether it’s light and healthy or rich and indulgent. Try not to burn anything—though you know she’ll forgive you if you do—and don’t forget a few fresh flowers on the tray!

Need a little inspiration? Check out our sweet and simple waffles with lemon-lavender blueberry syrup, cinnamon fruit dip, and smoothie bowl to start planning your Mom’s-day menu!

DIY Spa Kit

Have a mom who rarely breaks away for some much-needed time to herself? Bring the self-care night to her! A DIY spa kit is a creative and custom way to treat Mom to the pampering she deserves. And while avocado masks and cucumber slices were fun when you were 14, it might be time for some extra-special spa services.

Fill a basket, big or small, with the goodies you know your mom would love. Our DIY body butter and DIY lavender-oatmeal bath soak both make great additions to a beauty basket. Or check out our self-care posts, like 3 Steps to Fab Feet and 3 Steps to Make Time-for-Me Time, for more ideas! Don’t forget to personalize your kit with a favorite treat, magazine, or beauty tool to make it the perfect gift for Mom.

Essential Oils (Obviously!)

Just like there’s no way Mom’s going to let you skip your veggies at dinner, there’s no way we won’t recommend a few essential oil blends! We’re even ready to help you get your oils gift-ready with our free Gift Tags That Show You Care, specially created for our most popular oils.

The best part? There are oils for every mom. Know a stressed-out soccer mom running to practice, games, and the sports shop? Share Stress Away™! Have a business mogul mom putting in long hours at the office? Gift her the Deep Relief™ Roll-On to massage onto her neck and shoulders. Need a gift for the social butterfly who goes out more often than you? Give Joy™ to help her maintain her positive and energetic spirit! Is your home’s energy influenced by a yogini who’s willing to bend over backward for your family? Harmony™ can help her maintain her Zen—and her lotus position.

How will you celebrate mothers this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

Want more ideas? Check out our 6 Essential Oils Your Skin Loves and Reset Your Mindset: Handling the Hustle blog posts. They’re both full of oils to that will upgrade Mom’s daily routine from start to finish.

  • Debbie Lienemann

    I am giving my Mom a diffuser and lavender oil. I hope it makes her rest better.

  • Yalan papillons

    Great ideas guys keep up the good work! Now to get rid of this cough

  • Esther

    Hi!!! I was hoping you could help me come up with blends. I just bought essential oils (very small pack) I’m looking for something to help with stress, anxiety, depression. I have the following scents: Eucalyptus, orange, tea tree,peppermint, lavender and lemongrass. Please help!!! Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Esther! So happy to have you as a part of the Young Living family. One of the funnest parts about essential oils is experimenting with them and seeing what blends or aspects of an oil you come to love. I think that diffusing Lavender, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus together would be a calming and refreshing aroma.Tea tree is amazing for the skin, so possibly try adding a drop or two to your face or body lotion, being sure to avoid your eyes, mouth, and nose, etc. Orange and Eucalyptus would be good together to help support your concentration.Lavender and Orange would also be good for a uplifting aroma that is both floral and citrus. Just start trying different blends and you will come to love certain combos as you come to see how they support your mood and overall wellness. Have so much fun and let us know what you discover.

  • Very interesting ideas. After reading this content I know what special gift I can give to my mom you this mother’s day. I love my mom with all my heart. Thanks for these great ideas. They are helpful and will make Mother’s Day special for my mom.

  • Kathy Shropshire

    Hi I’m fairly new to using the oils And I love them!!! Trying to add to my oil collection through Essential Rewards, hope I can continue each month!! For my precious Mother I ordered for her the Coconut-Lime Body Butter and I am taking her to lunch!! She has the premium starter kit too😍

    • Welcome to the family and hope you have a fabulous Mother’s day!

      • Lisa Powell

        We have a coconut lime oil? I know we have a lime. Sorry I’m new. thanks.

        • Hey Lisa, welcome to the Young Living family! We don’t have a coconut lime oil, but I personally love using coconut oil, as a carrier oil, and then using it with Lime or even adding another citrus oil too like Tangerine or Grapefruit. It is nice to massage into my feet before I go to sleep. Just know that is important to always read the label before use, especially when using certain oils in the summer that are photosensitive.

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