Connecting a Global Community for 20 Years

For the past 20 years, Young Living has built a thriving global community and helped members from all over the world connect and support each other.

This ever-growing circle of friends began with the founding of Young Living by D. Gary and Mary Young in 1994. New markets were officially opened a few years later in Japan and Australia. Now, Young Living members are found in many countries, including Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Germany, and many others.

The strength of this community is best exemplified during the annual International Grand Convention, during which like-minded individuals gather from all corners of the earth to celebrate all things Young Living.

Connecting a global community isn’t just about extending our reach across the map though—it’s also about strengthening our positive influence in local communities. Here are some of the ways we have participated in our communities and provided support and service:

In June 2013, Young Living members around Calgary, Canada, responded to devastating floods in the area with organized days of service. They reached out to local citizens to help clean and restore their communities.
The Young Living European office has a dedicated “Good Cause Fund,” used to purchase equipment for disabled children and sponsor employees in local charitable events.
Young Living employees participated in the 2013 National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) bike ride, a mental-illness awareness-raising event held in Utah.
Through powerful growth and community involvement, Young Living has been connecting people from around the world for two decades. With planned market openings in Sweden, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom, as well as an increasing number of international conventions and outreach programs, Young Living will continue to do so for many years to come!