2018 Platinum Retreat


Platinum Retreat Information and Guidelines
Qualifications start over at the beginning of each qualification period. If a member advances but doesn’t maintain that rank, he or she can still qualify for the recognition retreat by being paid at that rank for three consecutive months for the first time. The third consecutive month within the qualification period will determine eligibility. Click here for qualification examples.
Translation Services will be provided at the retreats based on attendee needs.
If members qualify for two or more recognition retreats in one year, they will be invited to attend each retreat for which they qualified.
Attending members must be active and in good standing with the company to attend the reward trip.
Retreat attendance is non-transferable and not redeemable for monetary or other compensation.
Any branded gear given to qualifiers is available only to those who attend the event.
Qualifiers who are unable to attend the current year’s retreat are able to defer their retreat experience to the next year’s retreat for the same rank. Please email recognition@youngliving.com to defer to the following year. See the FAQ section for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the Platinum Retreat held?
The retreat will be held at the Hilton Colon Hotel, the Young Living Academy, and the Guayaquil, Ecuador, Young Living farm November 13–18.
What are the qualification requirements?
Any member who has qualified as a Platinum for three consecutive months between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, and who has not previously attended a Platinum Retreat is invited to attend one time. This reward is offered for one person per membership and an eligible guest.
* An eligible guest must be at least 18 years old to attend. Guests who are members ranking lower than Platinum may not attend training meetings at the event.
Qualification Examples
What if I was paid as Platinum once before but this is my first time achieving Platinum three months in a row?
Although you have previously reached and been paid as a Platinum, you are invited to attend the retreat based on the first time you qualify as a Platinum for three consecutive months. For example, Dawn was paid as a Platinum for the first time in January 2017. However, her three consecutive months of being paid as a Platinum weren’t until August, September, and October 2017. She would be invited to the 2018 Platinum Retreat, regardless of being a Platinum once before, even if it was prior to the current qualification period.
What if not all of my three consecutive qualifying months are within the qualification period?
The session you will be invited to attend will be based on the qualification period in which your third qualifying month falls. For example, Glen advanced to the rank of Platinum in June 2017 and was paid as a Platinum again in July and August 2017. Because his third consecutive month of Platinum rank falls within the current qualification period, he is eligible for the 2018 Platinum Retreat, even though his first consecutive month began in the previous qualification period.
If I qualify to have all expenses paid, what does that cover?
Young Living will cover the cost of flights, lodging, provided meals, and provided activities during the retreat dates, and event-centric ground transportation for qualifying members and their guests. Incidental costs, such as meals during travel, airline baggage fees, etc., will be covered at the attendee’s expense.
I can't attend this year. What can I do?
If you qualify for but are unable to attend a recognition retreat, you may defer your qualification to the next retreat for that same rank one time.
To request a deferral, please send an email to recognition@youngliving.com before the end of the subsequent qualification period with your name, member number, rank, and reason for the deferral.
Deferrals will not be granted without proper notification, and they are not automatic. You must notify us if you do not plan to attend, or you will forfeit attendance to that recognition retreat.
Qualifying members may defer their recognition retreat only one time per rank. If you defer, you will receive an email invitation to register for the next retreat after new qualifiers are determined.
If you have deferred your recognition retreat attendance after the deadline provided by Young Living, you will be required to pay the deferral fee to attend the next year’s retreat.
How do I register?
If you qualify, you will receive an email with your qualification information and a link to the registration site.
Registration opens August 13, 2018. (Date is subject to change.)
How do I see or edit my registration details?
You can view and edit your registration details on our retreat registration webpage. On the webpage, click Already Registered? > Modify > Information or Already Registered? > Modify > Registration for you or any of your guests.
What if I want to bring my co-applicant, business partner, or another guest?
Qualifiers may invite one guest to attend all expenses paid, which includes airfare, provided meals, accommodations, provided group activities, and event-centric ground transportation. Guests must be at least 18 years old to attend.
All modifications must be completed 30 days prior to the retreat.
May my guest attend all the activities with me?
Guests are welcome to attend all activities. However, if a guest ranks below Platinum, he or she may not attend training sessions.
I had a baby recently. May I bring an infant with me?
Attendees are permitted to bring an infant within nursing age, but they will be responsible for any additional costs associated with bringing an infant. Young Living is a family company, and as such, we understand that you may want to bring your children with you to the retreat. Please note that while this is allowed, Young Living will not accommodate activities, meals, lodging, transportation, or day care for children. If you are planning on bringing children with you, a list of day care options will be available on the registration website.
Can I change my guest ticket to another guest?
Yes. To change a guest’s information, please visit our retreat registration webpage and log in to your registration. Once logged in, click Modify > Information or Modify > Registration for your guest.
All changes must be completed 30 days prior to the retreat.
When should I arrive or depart?
Please plan to arrive on the first official retreat date and to depart at any time on the last official retreat date.
May I arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two later?
You are welcome to extend your stay, and we will cover the airfare cost up to the amount of the original flights. However, you must pay for your own hotel accommodations for the additional nights. Young Living will cover only the cost of ground transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations during the retreat.
Can I book my own flights?
We prefer to book flights through our partner agency, Christopherson Travel. If you’re traveling with a guest, Christopherson Travel can also assist in booking your guest’s flights. If you still prefer to book your own flights, you are welcome to do so. To book your own flights, you are required to get pre-approval from our travel manager, Angela Leichtle, aleichtle@youngliving.com. Please contact Angela at least 30 days prior to the event date for your reimbursement allowance. When emailing, you must include your departure city.
All flights must be booked by October 6, 2018. Attendees may be responsible for additional charges if their flights are booked after this date.
Reimbursements are processed once the retreat has concluded, and this process can take 10-12 weeks.
What class are the flights? May we upgrade?
All flights are booked coach. Any upgrades will be at the cost of the attendee.
May I share a room with a friend?
If you are bringing a guest, you will be required to share a room with that guest.
At which hotel am I staying? Do you have my hotel confirmation information?
All attendees will stay at the Hilton Colon in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Hotel room confirmation information will be emailed to you prior to the retreat.
May I book my own hotel room?
You may not book your own hotel room.
May I arrive a day or two early or stay a day or two later?
You are welcome to extend your stay; however, you will need to make your own hotel accommodations for the additional nights. Young Living will cover only the cost of ground transportation, meals, and hotel accommodations during the retreat.
What should I bring?
Be on the lookout for packing information via email as the date of the event nears.
Will translation services be available during the event?
Translation services will be provided at the retreat based on attendee needs and the level of demand. Please request translation services or hard-of-hearing headsets during the registration process. Young Living employees will provide any required translation services during the retreat.