Roots & Wings™ Set

Roots essential oil blend is a combination of ancient essential oils that remind us of our legacy. Wings blend inspires us to new heights of personal growth. Together, they create a sense of nourishment and stability that frees you to take off and expand, reaching new heights within yourself.

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Product Snapshot

Product Snapshot

  • Benefit from the grounding, rich earth tones of Myrrh, Cistus and Angelica; the fresh, woodsy notes of Sacred Frankincense and Grand Fir; and the soothing essence of the Balm of Gilead.
  • Use Roots essential oil blend while working to reconnect with your inner self or as you work to strengthen your own personal foundation on a daily basis.
  • Use it during meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice as you work to feel centred and to rediscover and remember your inner strength.
  • Push yourself to new heights with this transcendent balance of exotic florals (Geranium, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender), notes of sweet citrus (Orange, Tangerine and Melissa), uplifting woodsy undertones (Sacred Sandalwood, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Sacred Frankincense) and rich, unique accents (Myrrh, Angelica and German Chamomile).
  • Apply Wings essential oil blend topically to inspire personal growth and new perspectives with unlimited possibilities as you write your goals and plans.
  • Inhale it to enjoy the one-of-a-kind aroma that will encourage a sense of renewal and rejuvenation so you can spread your wings and fly.
  • Sacred Frankincense essential oil
  • Present Time essential oil blend
  • Highest Potential essential oil blend
  • White Angelica™ essential oil blend
  • Roots: Beta phellandrene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene and bornyl acetate
  • Wings: Limonene, linalool, alpha-pinene, alpha-santalol, citronellol and linalyl acetate
  • Roots essential oil blend, 5 ml
  • Wings essential oil blend, 5 ml


Roots: Commiphora myrrha† (Myrrh) oil, Abies grandis† (Idaho Grand Fir) oil, Boswellia sacra† (Sacred Frankincense) oil, Angelica archangelica† (Angelica) oil, Commiphora gileadensis† (Balm of Gilead) oil, Cistus ladanifer† (Cistus) oil
Wings: Pelargonium graveolens† (Geranium) flower oil, Lavandula angustifolia† (Lavender) oil, Santalum album† (Sandalwood) oil, Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Picea pungens† (Idaho Blue spruce) branch/leaf/wood oil, Boswellia sacra† (Sacred frankincense)resin oil, Chamomilla recutita† (Matricaria) flower oil, Melissa officinalis† (Melissa) leaf oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis† (Orange) peel oil, Picea mariana† (Northern Lights Black spruce) leaf oil, Citrus reticulata† (Tangerine) peel oil, Commiphora myrrha† (Myrrh) oil, Rosa damascena† (Rose) flower oil, Angelica archangelica† (Angelica) root oil
†Premium essential oil
Suggested Uses

Suggested Uses

  • Diffuse Roots while you work to feel centred and to call on your inner strength.
  • Rub Roots on the bottoms of your feet to enjoy the enriching, grounding aroma as part of your wind-down routine.
  • Inhale Roots as you envision the roots of a tree and how they hold the tree up, nourish it and provide strength against the elements.
  • Use this blend while you’re working on your personal spiritual awareness and building strong foundational roots.
  • Diffuse Wings during your morning routine while you reflect on maintaining a positive outlook and setting a clear path forward.
  • Apply Wings to your heart, wrists and neck so you can breathe in a scent that invites clarity, brightness and unlimited possibilities.
  • Inhale Wings to enjoy its calming, clearing aroma.
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Get To Know

Get To Know


Roots and Wings essential oil blends were originally formulated and created by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young. Their formulas were later discovered among his stacks of old notebooks by Young Living Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young, who decided to produce them as commemorative blends for the 2022 Grand Convention.

Roots reminds us that our own roots run deep and are steeped in the history, knowledge and strength that Gary and Mary established more than 25 years ago. Grounded in the strength of our legacy, we have the foundation of wisdom that frees us to spread our wings and look to future horizons. Wings stokes our curiosity and encourages us to discover and grow—always with the strength of our legacy to drive us onward and upward.