Help 5

Help 5 is a monthly incentive that rewards you for adopting habits that will help you build your business. There is no purchase, payment, or registration necessary to be eligible for an incentive. Earn 5 points every month by helping others discover Young Living, and enjoy a monthly incentive for your hard work.
Earn a point by doing one of the following:

Personally enroll a new member with a Premium Starter Kit.
Personally enrolled a member for Essential Rewards with a 50 PV order
Reactivate a member’s account with a new Premium Starter Kit.*
Reenroll a member of your downline in Essential Rewards with a 50 PV order. **
* Reactivated member must be inactive for 24 months to qualify for point reward.
** Reenrolled member must be inactive for 6 months to qualify for point reward.

February incentive

If you’re like us, L-O-V-E is your primary motivation—love for your family, love for your favorite essential oils, and love for your YL team! Share your love of YL this month and build your business with Help 5! You’ll earn a versatile new Young Living-branded gym bag, which will easily hold all your necessities, whether you’re hitting spin class or meeting up with your YL team for a fun activity. Pack favorites from Cool Azul® to Frankincense—for day trips, gym dates, or even overnighters. Get ready to spend some much-needed team time with the ones you love, and start helping 5 today!