2018 Winter Harvest

Experience our Seed to Seal® process firsthand at our 2018-2019 Winter Harvest! This immersive event is your opportunity to see what it takes to ensure that our oils are the purest and most potent available—and when we say firsthand, we mean firsthand. Participants will play a vital role in the creation of our Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir essential oils and learn time-tested harvesting and distillation methods, not to mention develop new friendships and make lasting memories.

Join us and discover a new appreciation for Young Living’s commitment to quality and authenticity. You’ll never look at a bottle of essential oil the same again!

Highland Flats Tree Farm

Our Highland Flats Tree Farm in Idaho is home to one of the world’s largest essential oil distilleries. Here we distill some of our most popular essential oils, including Balsam Fir and Blue Spruce. This distillery is fully automated and uses the most advanced technology available, modernizing the essential oil production process and making it more efficient and effective than ever.
The cost to reserve six days in a cabin is $8,000 for a group of up to 25 people. Members can reserve any of these harvest sessions:
November 12-17
December 3–8
December 10–16
January 7–12
January 14–19
January 21–26
Included in your registration is:
Facility rental for six days
Raindrop Technique® training
Harvesting and distillation experience
Product store/Will Call (limited supply and products available)
ALL members reserving a week will be responsible for the following:
Airfare and roundtrip transfers. Farm staff will not be transferring attendees to and from the airport. Please send the shuttle arrangements for your group to mcarter@youngliving.com one week prior to your arrival.
All meal preparation, including menu planning, shopping for food, and food preparation. If you would like a list of items available to you, please contact mcarter@youngliving.com.
Cleaning the facility, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living area.
Laundering, including any bath linens, kitchen linens, and sheets used during your stay.
Member-hosted meetings during your free time. Any meetings must be coordinated by the reserving member.
Please note that cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and shampoo and conditioner will be supplied for your use.


After 3 p.m.Arrivals
5–7 p.m.Dinner if eating at the farm or dinner between the airport and the farm
8–9 p.m.Safety meeting/Sign-in
7-9 a.m.Breakfast
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.Harvest Experience Seed to Seal
12-2 p.m.Lunch
2-5 p.m.Harvest Experience Seed to Seal
5-7 p.m.Dinner
7-8 p.m.Team Training, sponsored by leader
8-10 p.m.Free time
7-9 a.m.Breakfast
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.Distillation Experience Seed to Seal/Facility Tour
12-2 p.m.Lunch
2-5 p.m.Distillation Experience Seed to Seal
5-7 p.m.Dinner
7-9 p.m.Free time
7-9 a.m.Breakfast
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.Raindrop Technique Massage Training
12-2 p.m.Lunch
2-5 p.m.Raindrop Technique Massage Training
5-7 p.m.Dinner
7-9 p.m.Free time/Will Call
7-9 a.m.Breakfast
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.Beauty School Education Class
12-2 p.m.Lunch
2-5 p.m.Team training by leader or nutrition class
5-7 p.m.Dinner
7-9 p.m.Facility clean-up
7 a.m.Breakfast/Clean-up
9 a.m.Departures
*Agenda is subject to change.
Registration for the Winter Harvest opens at 5 p.m., MT, on September 7 and closes at 11:59 p.m., MT, on November 4.
Terms and Conditions
Any Silver and above member is invited to attend. Attendees must be 18 years or older. Participants must be physically fit and able to lift 35 pounds, tolerate extreme temperatures, and engage in rigorous physical activities.
Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation, registration can be transferred to another week, based on availability. However, due to the nature of this event and the expenses involved in planning for each group, no refunds will be permitted
Additional Fee
Members who reserve the facility must sign a check-in/out checklist when arriving and departing and agree to a walkthrough inspection by a Young Living farm employee. Upon final walkthrough, a fee of $500 will be charge to the reserving member if the facility is not left in acceptable condition.


The airport nearest to the Highland Flats Tree Farm is the Spokane International Airport in Spokane, Washington. Members must plan on departing from the farm at 9 a.m. on the last day of the harvest. Flights should be scheduled to depart after 12 p.m. to ensure ample travel time to the airport. Please email the flight itinerary for each member to mcarter@youngliving.com before traveling.

The member responsible for reserving the facility will be responsible for setting up roundtrip transportation for their group to and from the farm.
When packing for your visit, please make sure to include the following, in addition to any usual travel necessities:
Work gloves (two pair)
Cold-weather clothing and undergarments
Work jeans and work shirts
Work boots and socks
Shower shoes/flip-flops
Comfortable everyday shoes
Swimsuit for the hot tub
Keep in mind that the weather in the area can be temperamental, so layering is a good approach.
Flashlight and batteries
Personal toiletries
Towel and washcloth
*There is bedding available at the farm with enough pillows for each attendee to have one. If you would like an additional pillow, be sure to bring your own.
Work Assignments
All duties at the harvest will be assigned. To request a specific duty, please email mcarter@youngliving.com, and your request will be taken into consideration. All requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and assignments will be given upon arrival at the farm.