Young Living Nitro Event

You love essential oils, but you want to know more—more about Young Living, essential oil science, how to share the oils you love with the people you love, and how essential oils can find a home in your home. Our Nitro Introductory Meetings are designed to provide you and your guests with an inspiring, high-energy introduction to the hows and whys of essential oils. Join some of our most inspiring product and business experts for a comprehensive look at the World Leader in Essential Oils® that will motivate you to achieve great things, personally and professionally!


At these exciting Nitro events, you will learn:
How company Founder and CEO D. Gary Young discovered the unique power of essential oils
Gary’s subsequent creation of Young Living Essential Oils and the company’s global reach
How essential oils can be vital tools in realizing optimum wellness
Our diverse, essential oil-infused product lines
The science of essential oils
Everyday uses for Young Living products in your home
Our latest and most innovative products, with hands-on product experiences
Practical information for sharing Young Living with others
How to set achievable life, business, and wellness goals


We are thrilled about the great attendance we have had at our educational events! To make sure we have enough seats for everyone who wants to attend, spots at our events will now be available through registration, with a fee of $10. This fee will be refunded to you as a product credit once you arrive at the event. Registration for all events will open 30 days in advance of the date and close at midnight four days prior to the event date. Bring a friend who is also registered for the event and/or bring your Young Living passport to be entered into a special raffle for free Young Living products!
Please note: We may have extra seats available at the time of the event. We will have a standby line for those wanting to attend the event but who did not register beforehand. Everyone who arrives at the event has the opportunity to take advantage of the 10-percent product discount!

About Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl

Bestselling authors, founders of Oola, and lifestyle gurus Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl have partnered with Young Living to share their message of balance in an unbalanced world. Their unique strategy has transformed thousands of lives, and they will show you how Young Living’s products can help make that transformation possible for you!
Please Check Back for Upcoming Meetings and Events
No current classes for this topic are scheduled as we get ready for our 2015 International Grand Convention
August 2nd - 10th.