Our KidScents line is infused with safe essential oils and mild formulas, made just for your little ones. We also offer our line of essential oils for kids, crafted especially to address your children’s needs.

KidScents Lotion


KidScents - Lotion

SKU: 27873

KidScents Lotion conditions and moisturises skin while supporting skin hydration. Complete with soothing aloe vera that seals in moisture and rich, softening mango seed butter, KidScents Lotion naturally supports healthy-looking skin. Lightly scented with Lemon and Tangerine essential oils, this lotion leaves your little ones smelling oh, so sweet and citrusy!

Size: 236 g
Whsl: $36.65 AUD
Rtl: $48.20 AUD
PV: 22.25

KidScents Bath Gel

KidScents - Bath Gel

SKU: 26782

KidScents® Bath Gel is hypoallergenic and gets children squeaky clean with gentle, naturally derived, nourishing botanicals and premium essential oils.

Size: 236 ml
Whsl: $24.20 AUD
Rtl: $31.85 AUD
PV: 14

KidScents Shampoo


KidScents - Shampoo

SKU: 27228

KidScents® Shampoo is a gentle, naturally derived, botanical-enriched formula that washes away grease and dirt from hair while keeping it soft, smooth and hydrated

Size: 240 g
Whsl: $26.40 AUD
Rtl: $34.75 AUD
PV: 16.50

KidScents Slique Toothpaste

KidScents Slique Toothpaste

SKU: 457402

This formula is an all-natural toothpaste for kids that uses Thieves and Slique Essence essential oil blends to gently clean and protect teeth.

Size: 114 g
Whsl: $12.95 AUD
Rtl: $17.05 AUD
PV: 7.50

KidScents GeneYus Essential Oil

KidScents - GeneYus Essential Oil

SKU: 531002

GeneYus™ is an excellent blend to diffuse for young minds that are focusing and concentrating on projects.

Size: 5 ml
Whsl: $69.75 AUD
Rtl: $91.80 AUD
PV: 41

KidScents KidCare Essential Oil

KidScents - KidCare Essential Oil

SKU: 530802

For an added boost, try KidScents® KidCare™ essential oil blend. Apply KidCare™ topically to improve the appearance of your child’s skin or to promote positive feelings.

Size: 5 ml
Whsl: $52.75 AUD
Rtl: $69.40 AUD
PV: 31.15

KidScents Refresh Essential Oil

KidScents - Refresh Essential Oil

SKU: 530602

After a long day out and about, there’s nothing like the aroma of pure essential oils to help rejuvenate and relax your kiddo before bedtime.

Size: 5 ml
Whsl: $29.75 AUD
Rtl: $39.15 AUD
PV: 17.80

KidScents SleepyIze Essential Oil


KidScents - SleepyIze Essential Oil

SKU: 530702

Help your child settle in and sleep tight by diffusing or massaging this peaceful aroma directly before a nap or bedtime.

Size: 5 ml
Whsl: $29.75 AUD
Rtl: $39.15 AUD
PV: 17.80

KidScents - TummyGize Essential Oil

KidScents - TummyGize Essential Oil

SKU: 530502

TummyGize™ is a relaxing, quieting blend that can be applied to little tummies. This blend helps calm children on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Size: 5 ml
Whsl: $21.75 AUD
Rtl: $28.60 AUD
PV: 13.10

KidScents Roll-Ons

KidScents GeneYus Roll-On

KidScents GeneYus Roll-On

SKU: 39645
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $81.75 AUD
RTL: $107.55 AUD
PV: 49

KidScents KidCare Roll-On

KidScents KidCare Roll-On

SKU: 39662
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $65.75 AUD
RTL: $86.50 AUD
PV: 39

KidScents KidPower Roll-On

KidScents KidPower Roll-On

SKU: 39711
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $55.55 AUD
RTL: $73.10 AUD
PV: 34

KidScents Refresh Roll-On

KidScents Refresh Roll-On

SKU: 39708
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $56.75 AUD
RTL: $74.65 AUD
PV: 34

KidScents SleepyIze Roll-On

KidScents SleepyIze Roll-On

SKU: 39663
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $42.00 AUD
RTL: $55.25 AUD
PV: 25

KidScents TummyGize Roll-On

KidScents TummyGize Roll-On

SKU: 39646
Size: 10 ml
WHSL: $31.75 AUD
RTL: $41.75 AUD
PV: 19

KidPower™ Collection=


KidPower™ Collection

The KidPower™ Collection has been carefully created with your little ones in mind, featuring pure essential oils to encourage feelings of positivity wherever your child may be whether it’s at home, school or even on the playground

With Diffuser

SKU: 38905
Whsl: $235.00 AUD
Rtl: $309.20 AUD
PV: 100

Without Diffuser

SKU: 40807
Whsl: $129.75 AUD
Rtl: $170.70 AUD
PV: 50

Happy the Penguin Diffuser

Happy the Penguin Diffuser

SKU: 38650

Help your children snuggle in and wind down with Young Living’s Happy the Penguin Diffuser. Child-friendly and simple to use, Happy features multiple diffusion modes, 7 LED light options, 10 white-noise sounds and 4 unique levels of volume, allowing you to easily cater to your little ones’ preferences.

Whsl: $83.25 AUD
Rtl: $109.55 AUD
PV: 24.85

Feather The Owl


Feather The Owl - Kids Ultrasonic Diffuser

SKU: 27009

Say hello to our cutest essential oil diffuser yet: Feather the Owl. This exclusive, custom-designed ultrasonic diffuser functions as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, nightlight and white-noise machine—owl in one!

Whsl: $81.50 AUD
Rtl: $107.25 AUD
PV: 24.75