Featured Events

Kristy & Jake Dempsey Tour

Looking to take your Young Living business to the next level? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build your business in 2017 this event is designed for you!

Join us in February 2017, as Crown Diamonds, Kristy and Jake Dempsey walk you through the simple steps of creating a successful Young Living business.

Envision Your Future Australian Symposium

This Symposium is your exclusive opportunity to receive information that will inspire, motivate, and transform you! Become immersed in the community of Young Living, and empower yourself to achieve the wellness, purpose and the abundance you have always dreamed of.

Come sail away on the 2017 Global Leadership Cruise!

We’re setting sail on an all-inclusive, five-day Caribbean/Central America cruise, with ports in Honduras and Belize—and we want you to join us! From July 1 to October 31, you can earn points and rise to the top of our leaderboard to earn your invitation to this unforgettable getaway in the sun, accompanied exclusively by other Young Living members!
We’re saving spaces for members in every eligible market, so everyone has a shot to join us on the Global Leadership Cruise. Qualification requirements depend on where you live, so be sure to read our official rules to see how you can earn your spot and get ready to hit the ground running on July 1!