Looking for a personalized DIY to add to your day? We have the perfect versatile product that’ll make your do-it-yourself dreams come true: CBD Oil Base. This base comes with two different kit options: the CBD Chill Bundle with Lavender essential oil and the CBD Pep Bundle with Peppermint essential oil. That doesn’t mean you are limited to infusing with just those two oils though. Embrace your creative side and create custom CBD blends to fit your daily needs. Keep reading for some of our favorites!

How do you mix CBD and essential oils?

For each blend, drop your essential oils into your CBD Oil Base bottle. Close and shake to combine.



In need of some major R & R? We have the perfect bedtime blend for you! Add a tranquil touch to your evening routine and get to relaxing with some of our favorite oils for winding down.

1 bottle CBD Oil Base

5 drops Lavender

2 drops Clary Sage

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Sacred Sandalwood

Place one dropper of the Tranquility CBD blend into your hand. Massage it onto your neck, shoulders, or any other place you are feeling tense. Cup your hands over your nose and breathe deeply for ultimate relaxation.

CBD Oil Base with Lavender Essential Oil. CBD Chill Bundle - Young Living Essential Oils

Want to take the tranquil vibes even further? Apply this blend to the bottoms of your feet before bed.

Electric Citrus

Feeling tired or down in the dumps? Try out this invigorating blend featuring three refreshing aromas. Combining bright citrus with sweet, woodsy notes, it’s just what you need to get in a carpe diem kind of mood.

 1 bottle CBD Oil Base

4 drops Bergamot

3 drops Juniper

3 drops Lemon

Place one dropper of the Electric Citrus blend in your hand and massage it onto your neck, chest, and wrists while you breathe in the delectable, vibrant scent.

YL tip: Be cautious when applying certain oils to your skin if you are planning to do any outside activities. Learn more about photosensitive essential oil safety here.

CBD Pep Bundle - Young Living Essential Oils

Cool Refresh

With the CBD Pep Bundle, you are well on your way to a cool, minty refresh. These added oils will help you create the perfect icy muscle massage oil.

1 bottle CBD Oil Base

5 drops Peppermint

3 drops Eucalyptus Blue

1 drop Blue Cypress

1 drop Lavender

Apply one dropper of this base into your hand. Massage it on your muscles after exercise or physical activity or massage it into your chest and neck for a refreshing aromatic experience.

YL tip: Place your oil blend in the fridge before use for an extra-chilly sensation.

Unwind Time

Sweet citrus and woodsy aromas—what more could you want in a blend? Orange, Valerian, and Pine come together in this CBD and essential oil mix for an uplifting scent best enjoyed in the bath.

1 bottle CBD Oil Base

6 drops Valerian

2 drops Pine

2 drops Orange

To use, start by drawing yourself a warm bath. Add one dropper full of this blend to your bathwater and soak in the relaxation.

Valerian Essential Oil - Young Living Essential Oils

Glow Support

This face-loving CBD blend will enhance your natural glow with hydrating oils like Clary Sage and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. Combined with the luxurious notes of Rose and Ylang Ylang, this dreamy blend is the perfect addition to your pampering session.

1 bottle CBD Oil Base

4 drops Rose

3 drops Ylang Ylang

2 drops Clary Sage

1 drop Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Place a dropper of the blend in your hand and apply it to face, neck, and chest. You can also put the desired amount of your favorite Young Living face moisturizer, like ART® Intensive Moisturizer, in your hand and add a few drops of this CBD blend for added dewiness.

CBD Oil Base surrounded by essential oils - Young Living Essential Oils

Don’t want to commit to only one blend? Use a few of our YL roller bottles to create multiple blends. Just be sure to adjust the drops of essential oil to match the amount of CBD Oil Base used. You can also place one dropper of the base into your hand, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and apply to your desired area.

These recipes were created for 10 drops of essential oils. If you prefer a stronger scent and do not have sensitive skin, you can experiment with up to 20 drops with your CBD Oil Base. Just double the number of drops listed for each particular oil in the recipes.

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For general questions about CBD and an in-depth guide to our CBD products, we’ve got you covered here and here.

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