Joint health supplements: What should you look for? [Infographic]

19 January 9, 2017 - Healthy & Fit, Infographics, Personal Care, Science, Supplements, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle, Young Living Personal Care, Young Living Research, Young Living Resources

Hiking, biking, running, playing with your kids (or grandkids): when you have acute joint discomfort, your favorite activities become uncomfortable or even painful. Healthy joints are critical to getting the most out of life. But how do you choose supplements for flexibility and joint health that are right for you?

Our infographic below gives a great overview of joint health and how you can reduce inflammation and associated joint pain. While we’re obviously fans of our supplement AgilEase, you can use this information as a resource as you look into any joint health supplement!


AgilEase Infographic

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Have you used AgilEase? Share your experience in the comments!

  • Happy happy

    I started using this and I had knee surgery about 1 1/2 months and I’m now walking with a cane I have rapidly been making great progress with this supplement t
    It is great

  • Joanne Burns

    I have arthritis throughout my whole body and my knees are bone on bone but my doctor doesn’t want to do knee replacement because I’m only 48. Will this help if your joint are bone on bone? I’m in constant pain especially if I get up and move around.

    • Young Living

      Hello Joanne, AgilEase is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for individuals who are looking to keep up their active lifestyles by supporting joint mobility and flexibility. Young Living’s products are intended only for the use listed on individual labels—either for topical/aromatic use or as a dietary supplement. Please always refer to the label for usage directions. Because Young Living’s products are not labeled to be used as drugs, they are not intended for use in the treatment or cure of disease or any abnormal function of the body, including ailments or injuries. Therefore, Young Living cannot provide advice or recommendation for products to address any type of disease, ailment, or injury. We advise that you consult with a medical professional for recommendations on your specific issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Rosemarie B

    How does everyone use Agilease? Do you take both capsules at one time (AM or PM) or do you take them separately – one in the AM, one in the PM?

  • I am using Agilease now for a few months and I beg, please don’t let it go out of stock! . For many years, before learning about Young Living, I would often tell people I felt like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Thank you Thank you for providing products that provide such support! This Grammy can keep up with her busy grandkids now.

  • Mary Page

    I have not used Agilease yet but plan to get some.

  • Melinda Greven

    I had been using BLM for years and it was fantastic and I missed it when it was discontinued. But then YL created Agilease. Thank you Gary for this product, it is wonderful!

    • Sarah I Reister

      now that BLM is back I’m wondering which one you prefer. I’ve never tried either but could definitely use some joint support for my knees and am wondering if you’ve had better results from Agilease or BLM. Thanks!

      • My brother prefers BLM over Agilease. He tried both , so I was very happy when BLM came back in stock. He has severe joint challenges and absolutely felt a huge difference when he started using BLM.

  • Deborah Unck

    I LOVE AgilEase!! I’m 61 years old and have had job for 37 years, that is very demanding of my joints which has really taken a toll. I am also trained as an animal nurse and in animal physical rehabilitation, where we use an injectable Hylauronic Acid product to help their joints. When at convention AgilEase was introduced I was thrilled! The fact it also contains Turmeric is fantastic, the benefits are so far reaching.
    I order so I always have least one month worth as a back up for if it goes out of stock.

  • Celia

    I need to try this! Sounds like something that could support some of my joints 🙂

  • Melinda

    I have been using Agilease for about 6 months now. It sure makes a difference. I am 53 yrs old and am now doing a Crossfit Class. I powerlifted in my late 30’s and thought there was no hope for my joints. I was wrong!

    I love this stuff and will continue to use it every month. My son is a PT assistant and told me often times our joints deteriorate from lack of use. That was an eye opener to me too. I’m going to keep moving and use our Agilease!!!!!

  • Deby Clark

    I started using Agilease 2 months ago as my knees get stiff when I sit or stand for lengthy periods. After the first month I knew this was going to be part of my ER order every month. The support this product has provided for me knees has been amazing. Love it!

  • Diana Mussmann

    I started using Agilease when I had knee replacement surgery. I now exercise 5 times a week. I am fortunate to have young living IN MY LIFE.

  • Cathy P in AZ

    Using Agilease and essential oils and changing my nutrition. I am in the gym 4-5 times per week and I noticed a big difference! Love my Young Living products to support my lifestyle!

  • I have used Agilease since convention and have experienced improvement in my joints.
    I strength train 2-3 times weekly as well as walking and light running and have been very pleased with my recovery experiences.
    I am 68 years old and have experienced less pain after workouts then my younger peers.
    Thank you Young Living

  • Pam

    Broke my knee last spring. Along with other Young Living Essential Oils I used this supplement during and after the healing process. I don’t have anything to compare it with but I feel that the combination has been very effective in supporting my knee plus there have been no negative effects from this regiment.

  • Shiela M

    I am using Agilease and love it. Thank you for creating this product.

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