With hundreds of essential oils to choose from, finding your favorites can be overwhelming. Cast your worries aside–we have a calming aroma to add to your collection. Let’s discover the benefits of German Chamomile.

What is chamomile?

This precious white and yellow wildflower blooms in pastures, along roadsides, and in other sunny areas. Its name comes from the Greek Khamai, meaning “on the ground,” and melon, meaning “apple”. The chamomile plant has been used throughout history for various purposes and has been stealing-and calming-our hearts for ages!

German Chamomile

German Chamomile is in the same family as sunflowers and daisies, and it blooms between spring and autumn. The oil features a blue hue, distinguishing it from most other oils. Although its flowers are smaller than its Roman counterpart, it packs a hefty punch! See how you can apply the oil in your daily routine.

German Chamomile Essential Oil

  1. Create your own blend that will bring many benefits for your precious skin. Add the following oils to an empty 15 ml essential oil bottle and applied it to your skin.
  1. Finesse your face creams. This oil boasts calming and refreshing benefits. Meanwhile, mix a few drops with your favorite skin cream and enjoy a sweet, soft scent.
  2. Put relaxation on repeat. On the go and need a moment away from the chaos? Firstly, grab your bottle of G.Chamomile and apply topically to your chest, neck, and wrists and breathe in the smooth, soothing scent.
  3.  Branch out with a new evening blend. In the mood for maximum relaxation? Reach for German Chamomile and take advantage of its dreamy aroma by diffusing it with other oils.
    • Lights Out Diffuser Blend
      • 4 drops Frankincense
      • 3 drops Patchouli
      • 4 drops Orange
      • 4 drops German Chamomile